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7 Food Spots to Try in NYC

7 great food and coffee spots to try on your trip to New York City.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, the city of opportunity, and most importantly, a city of diversity. New York City is as diverse as it comes. The people, things to do, and yes, the food. New York City has EVERYTHING. Good coffee? Yes. Mexican? Yes. Japanese? Yes. The best dessert you will ever have? Yes. Ridiculous amounts of pizza? Yes. The options are infinite. Spend more time exploring and less time on Yelp trying to find a place to eat by trying one of these great 7 food and coffee spots.

Magnolia Bakery: 1240 Avenue of the Americas

You love dessert you say? Well search no further. Magnolia Bakery has locations all over the world and for good a reason. If you are a dessert fanatic it is a must-try. They have all sorts of unique desserts such as Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake but if you’re only making one trip, which is unlikely, you HAVE to try the banana pudding. I’m not a huge fan of banana pudding but I definitely had Magnolia’s more than once. There are multiple locations in NYC but there’s one conveniently located on Avenue of the Americas, right next to the Rockefeller Center. Grab some banana pudding, take a short walk to Times Square, and enjoy!

Tip: The Red Velvet Cake is also great.

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Takumi Taco: Chelsea Market

Takumi Taco is japanese inspired mexican spot. Menu items include Japanese Curry Beef Burritos, Sapporo Braised Short Rib Rice Bowls, and Carnitas Salad Bowls. It’s perfect for anyone looking to try something new and conveniently located in Chelsea Market among a variety of other great food and drink spots.

Ninth Street Espresso: Chelsea Market

Also located in beautiful Chelsea Market is Ninth Street Espresso. It can be described as a simple coffee spot for coffee lovers. Very simplistic for those who have a hard time deciding what to get with menu choices of: Brewed Coffee, Iced Coffee, Espresso, and Espresso W/Milk.

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 Carve Pizza: 760 8th Ave

“Finally”, you think. A pizza recommendation. You can’t possibly go to New York and not eat your weight in Pizza, it wouldn’t be right. My friend and I tried a couple pizza spots and Carve Pizza had to be the best. It’s conveniently located right off Broadway. They have calzones, pizza, and dessert.

Hint: Their cannolis are great.

Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs: 135 W Broadway

Looking for a great brunch spot? Look no further. Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs is located in Tribeca and has a simplistic, delicious menu for any brunch lover. Menu items include Eggs Benedict, Sweet & Savory Waffles, and Loaded Egg Sandwiches

Ñaño Ecuadorian Kitchen: 691 10th Ave

Tried Takumi Taco and craving something new again? Try Ecuadorian Food. Ñaño Ecuadorian Kitchen is located about a 20 minute walk from Times Square. The restaurant has an intimate feel and a great selection of food. Menu items include Ceviche, Arroz con Pollo, and Morocho(white corn pudding). Even better, they have a great drink selection.


Bill’s Bar and Burger: 16 W 51st St

Last but not least, Bill’s Bar and Burger! Ranked as one of the best burger spots in New York City, Bill’s Bar and Burger is a casual, family-friendly burger spot for all(vegetarians included). They have a large selection of burgers and shake flavors such as Fruity Pebbles and Mint Chocolate Chip. They have multiple locations but one a very short walk from Rockefeller Center(also a short walk from Magnolia Bakery).

New York City is full of endless restaurant, dessert, and bar options. Save yourself the yelp headache, take in the atmosphere of the city that never sleeps, and make the most of your trip by checking out a couple of these spots!

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Helen Haile

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Helen is an Economics graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She studied abroad in London spring of 2015 and will be returning to pursue her Master's in International Relations at King's College London this fall. When she's not traveling, she enjoys her free time working out, reading, and binge watching Netflix. Follow her travels on Instagram @helen.haile

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