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7 Reasons Why You’ll Return to Stockholm

One visit to Stockholm and you’ll be hooked! This gorgeous city will steal your heart and here are seven reasons why you’ll have to go back to Stockholm:

1. The Museums

Stockholm has a huge variety of museums to explore and they are all incredible and unique. If you want to be impressed, you will check out the Vasa museum (Vasamuseet) which hosts a ship that spent 333 years underwater and its size and beauty will leave you breathless. If you want some music, take a walk down memory lane and explore the ABBA museum to reminisce on ABBA, and Swedish music through the decades. There are incredible exhibits of photography at Fotografiska, and art at Moderna Museet. There is also the Nationalmuseum, Skansen, the Nordic Museum, the Noble museum and several others.

Vasa Museet image


2. The Food

Swedish food is much more than the iconic meatballs we have all tried at an Ikea once upon a time. Just like one might expect to find ketchup and mustard at a table, in Sweden one can’t be surprised if there’s lingonberry jam or caviar to accompany the food. There are also incredible Food Halls where one can find bakeries, seafood counters, cheese, and a variety of delicious fresh goodies. Most importantly, if you go to Stockholm, don’t leave until you try a delicious hot dog on the go from the numerous street vendors that you’ll find all over the city.

Stockholm Street Food image

Stockholm Street Food

3. The Scenery

Stockholm is spread across 14 islands on the southeast coast of Sweden so naturally while you visit this gorgeous city, you’ll have to travel across bridges.  There are ferries, sailboats, yachts, cars, horses and trams constantly circulating the city. Either way you choose to get around the city will provide unforgettable views. A city on water never looked so beautiful.

Summer in Stockholm image

Summer in Stockholm

4. The Environment

Did you know Stockholm is one of the greenest cities in the world? Stockholm is known for its cleanliness, environmental awareness, and amazing public transportation system. It’s goal is to be fossil-fuel by 2050 and the Swedes are working hard to make that possible. You will notice bike paths all over the city as a huge part of locals ride their bike to work, you will also see green areas, recycling and a very eco-minded population.

Locals Cycling image

Locals Cycling, Stockholm

5. The Old Town

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town is a glorious labyrinth of enchanting narrow cobblestone streets. There are several churches and museums as well as the magnificent Royal Palace. There are cute souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and boutiques. The oldest square in Stockholm, Stortoget is located right in the middle of Gamla Stan. Stotorget’s colorful buildings and unique architecture will leave a lasting impression.

Stortoget, Gamla Stan image

Stortoget, Gamla Stan

6. The Fika

So the Spanish might have “la siesta” but the Swedes have “fika.” Fika is basically a coffee break. This Fika means Swedes stop what they are doing and enjoy a break with a beverage and snack. Most commonly it consists of some coffee and a pastry, but it can also be with lemonade, tea, sandwiches, etc. This social act is incorporated into daily life in Sweden, often once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It is a great time to catch up with friends, go on a coffee date or simply enjoy some downtime by yourself.

Swedish Pastries image

Swedish Pastries

7. The Swedes

Lastly, we have to talk about the Swedes. Aside from the fact they have daily Fika, have delicious food, a rich history and culture, a beautiful language, summer celebrations, and they are eco-friendly… I mean there is nothing not to like about the Swedes. You will want to return to Stockholm and make lasting friendships or even fall in love!

Sunday Brunch, Stockholm image

Sunday Brunch, Stockholm

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