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7 Websites To Visit When Planning Your Next Trip!

 The coolest travel sites that will help you with any aspect of your travel planning. 

When planning a trip, you always want to make sure you have all the information available in order to make informed decisions.  Lucky for our generation, we have everything we need at our finger tips.  We don’t need to go to a travel agent or a library in order to do our research, we can do it all in the comfort of our homes.  These are a few websites that are a great help in planning your perfect trip.


First things first, you have to pick where to go! Whenever I am picking where to spend a vacation, I like to research any ideas that come to mind.  This site allows you to type in a city or a country and it will provide a complete guide to the place.  It covers neighborhoods, sites, activities, events, festivals, weather, getting around, best hotels, and even wifi/phone access.  These guides will help you understand what kind of trip you would have in that place.  Once you decide on your destination, this site allows you to make an account and create an entire itinerary in order to keep track of everything all in one site.  Once you are on the trip, you are able to create a blog and post pictures and updates about the whole thing so you will never forget a detail.  This site is the perfect all around traveling site.


Once you figure out your destination, you are going to have to find a way to get there.  If you are in need of a flight, however you are trying to save as much money as you can, sky scanner is the site for you.  I have used it to book most of my flights in the past.  You basically enter your departure and arrival locations and dates and it will produce the cheapest possible routes and flights out there.


This is my personal favorite.  This website allows you to type in any place in the world and it shows you places that are being rented out by people.  You can click on all of the homes and apartments to look at tons of photos, read reviews, descriptions, and even the profiles of the people leasing the place.  You can contact them with questions and concerns and they all respond fairly quickly.  It is such a cheap way to travel.  You would be surprised how cheap a place can be for a night.  In Milan, I found the cutest apartment for around 80$ a night.  If you are splitting the cost with a few friends, this is perfect! You are able to ask the owners about local restaurant and attractions in order to help with your decision.  I recommend looking at this site before looking for hotels.

airbnb, travel sites

Screenshot of the Airbnb Homepage



Speaking of money, if you are traveling to a foreign country, it is always important to know the exchange rates in order to pick the best time to exchange your currency.  This site provides the live exchange rates for all currencies and allows you to compare them to each other.  The homepage of the site is a large table comparing the most common currencies.

Screenshot of the Currency Table on the HomePage of



This site is a cool question and answer search engine type thing where travelers from anywhere in the world can share their knowledge on countries and cities.  You can find answers from locals and past visitors.  It is organized in a fashion that you can be notified when there are new answers to questions you asked or are concerned with.  This is the perfect site to use when in your destination.  Answers come quickly and are trustworthy.  You can ask about anything from the best pasta in Florence to the nearest train station in Holland.

This site has a similar look to  In addition to places to stay, when you type in your desired location it shows you things to do and local restaurants to visit.  This is helpful because the restaurant descriptions show ratings, website links, pricing, and what type of place it is (romantic, casual, quick).  This makes it easy to plan your day in regards to sights to see and the restaurants around them.  You should definitely check it out while planning your next trip!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.22.14 AM

Screenshot of the Gogobot Homepage



This one had to be on the list, just for fun!  For those of you who have not checked out the amazing blog entries on this site, it is worth every second of  your time.  These are real, current college students writing about their travels in order to encourage and benefit other young travelers.  Every story is unique and interesting.  There are so many helpful tips and stories that will get you excited about traveling abroad in college.  After all, there is no better time to travel than your youth!

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