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72 Hours in Amsterdam is Enough to Enjoy its Atmosphere

Tips I wish I knew in advance before visiting Amsterdam. A three Day guide

Key takeaways:

Buy an Amsterdam Card. If you want to visit different places of interest, you’d better buy this card as it gives you free entries or discounts to the best city attractions. There are several types of cards, and they are valid for a particular period. Plus, this card gives you an opportunity to use the public transport for free.

Book attractions in advance. Wasting time on waiting in a queue isn’t the best idea. As the number of tourists is big, it might be a problem to get into the best museums without booking them in advance. For example, I wasn’t able to visit Anna Frank Museum as I hadn’t made a reservation. Moreover, buying tickets online is cheaper. So, save your money and time with booking.

Take a backpack. You might hear that Amsterdam is a city of bikes. If you want to feel the atmosphere of this city, hop on a bike, but don’t forget to take a backpack as it’s more comfortable to care your items there.

Download a city map. I have never had problems with the terrain orientation, but my visit to Amsterdam proved me: you’re not so good at it as you thought. Due to the big number of channels, most streets look the same. Thus, download offline city map in order not to get lost.

Change money in advance. Although you can use dollars to buy goods in Amsterdam, it’s better to chance your money to the euro, the official currency of the Netherlands. It can help you save money and avoid seeing shocked sellers who try to convert dollars to euros.

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So, if you have just 72 hours to get know Amsterdam better, here is my personal guide.

Day 1:

What can be better than start your day with a nice breakfast in a great cafe with the panorama view on the city? If you’ve just arrived in Amsterdam, go to Blue Amsterdam Bar which is near the Singel channel. Attractive prices, good meals, and fantastic view!


After having a breakfast, you can go to the nearest attraction – The Singel Flower Market – a floating flower market in Amsterdam. Smell the spirit of Amsterdam and enjoy colorful pictures of tulips.

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Be a local – just hop on a bike. If you don’t know where to ride, it’s not a problem – go where you want as the city is beautiful everywhere.


After a good ride, you can come back to the Singel channel where you can try raw herring – this famous local meal, a soused raw fish with a strong taste.


Day 2:

I recommend you to start your second day with a lovely walk in the Amsterdam Royal Zoo. Grab some coffee and enjoy nature in the city.

Another place of interest that is situated near the Zoo is Museumplein. If you have heard about Amsterdam, you know about the big letters where most tourists take pictures. This is Museumplein – a huge territory with different museums, including the Van Gogh Museum.

As a tourist, you need to go to the nearest coffee shop. Even if you’re not interested in smoking weed, just come in to see it from the inside – Reggie music, communicative people, and a big variety of cannabis goods.

The Red Light District – is one of the most popular places in Amsterdam. It’s a place for the legalized sex industry where you can see a lot of sex shops, sex theaters, and coffee shops. After walking near this district, enjoy a bottle of a local beer, grab a Heineken.

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Day 3:

The heart of Amsterdam is Dam Square, where Madame Tussauds Museum is located.  Furthermore, there is the Amsterdam Central Station nearby to grab a train to your next destination or day trip.


Get ready to take a one-hour canal cruise to hear the history of the city. Although there is a big number of companies that offer a canal cruise, you can find out which ones offer free trip with your Amsterdam card.


If you love vintage, go to the flea market where you can find various clothes and goods, even antique ones. After walking there, go to the Hermitage Amsterdam – a huge building with different expositions that is a good place for art lovers.

As you can see, 72 hours is enough to enjoy Amsterdam. However, the more days you have, the better. The Netherlands is a beautiful country where you can spend your holiday. Moreover, there is a lovely Zandvoort beach which is located 30 km from Amsterdam.


Make the most out of your trip to Amsterdam to fall in love with this city! As for me, it melted my heart and I will be back for sure.


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