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50 Favorite Travel Essentials for College Students Who Travel

Travel tips from college students who know, don’t leave home without these travel essentials.

There are many different factors to consider before you travel or study abroad. Our very own College Tourist Fall Team  have gathered some of their most essential travel accessories to help you prepare for your next big adventure.  They filled us in on the best way to stay stylish and organized while on the go, either on campus or on study abroad.  Share your essential travel items in the comments section below.

NOELLE, University Nevada, Reno (see above)

1.) My tribal throw blanket. This is perfect whether you are traveling in the car and need a nap, having a picnic on the beach, or used as a shawl for a stroll in the park.
2.) This umbrella not only makes for a cute accessory but it’s light and easy to travel with. I love the vintage feel that the wooden handle gives the umbrella. It’s perfect for any rainy day.
3.) I adore this fedora for traveling because I don’t know you but when I nap on the plane or in the car it leaves my hair looking less than perfect. This fedora is in style and is easy to throw on when you have nap-head.
4.) Ray-Bans are my FAVORITE brand of sunglasses. They are so clean and classic and take any outfit to the next level.
5.) Step aside Instagram. It’s time for a classic. This Polaroid camera takes such fun pictures. I love the vintage look of it and it makes traveling extra fun when you can have your pictures instantly.
6.) I am obsessed with this fringe bag. It makes all my outfits look a little more trendy and boho. It fits all of my traveling essentials while still looking stylish. Not to mention with it being a satchel it keeps both hands free to hold a camera and coffee.

travel 12 ALICE, Syracuse University

1.) LeSportSac duffel bag because it’s giant and cute.
2.) Dove Dry Skin Cream – It’s non-greasy, moisturises and removes makeup.
3.) Striped navy and white J.Crew top because basic pieces are very flexible.
4.) A box of band-aids because being prepared for an injury is always settling.
5.) My black Doc Martens because they’re sturdy and can spruce up any outfit.
6.) Tan Lands-End raincoat – It’s been my go-to jacket even when it’s not raining. It’s light and quite trendy.


travel 7 ASHLEY, Hofstra Univeristy

1.) H&M classic trench coat; It will carry me through multiple seasons.
2.) Kate Spade tote; this light, roomy purse holds all my essentials.
3.) iPad; it’s got everything I need (including all my books and magazines) in one lightweight device!
4.) Hairbrush; with hair as long as mine I always need my brush.
5.) Earphones; I’m always listening to music, especially when traveling- I never leave the house without earphones!
6.) Sunglasses; I’m obsessed with sunglasses, and these H&M aviators are just one of my 20+ pairs. There’s at least one pair on me at all times!

travel 8 JAMEEDA, Temple University

1.)Swim Suit: One should ALWAYS pack a swim suit on any trip! The few times that I neglected to do so I regretted it!
2.)A Book: Traveling is the perfect time to read a book for pleasure!
3.)Western-Style No Zip Boots: These boots are comfortable, and cute for any type of outfit!
4.)Music: Everyone knows that it is absolutely dreadful to make any trip without music! I’ve got to have it!
5.)Makeup Bag: To freshen up after a long car or plane trip!
6.)Urban Outfitter Tote Bag with Fringe: I scored this beauty this Summer on sale, and it adds a little spark to every outfit!


ciarra CIARRA, Syracuse University

1.) A huge carry on sized duffle bag
2.) Umbrella…it could always rain
3.) Shower shoes…hostel life
4.) Dry shampoo…
5.) Nivea soft lotion…nice multipurpose lotion
6.) Bar soap…sometimes hostels don’t have any soap
7.) Neck pillow
Things I learned I can’t love without when abroad!

travel 11


COURTNEY, University of Maryland

1.)L.L. Bean Backpack: This durable backpack is the perfect carry on.
2.)Moleskine Notebook: I decorated this notebook with my personal mantra “Keep Moving Forward,” Great for personal reflections.
3.)Boots: These fashionable boots were made for walking, whether through the back alleys of Dublin or the streets of D.C.
4.)iPad: Whatever I need, there’s an app for that. Lightweight and lets me keep in touch while I’m abroad.
5.)Oversized Sweater: I found this in a thrift shop. It’s perfect for staying cozy on long plane or train rides.
6.)Lightweight Scarf: Keeps me warm and adds a pop of color to any outfit!

travel 9


JENNIFER, University of Oklahoma

1.)iPad Mini: If I don’t have a camera on hand, I can use it to document my travels.
2.)Notebook: When I studied abroad, I had a lot of site visits to companies and a notebook was essential.
3.)Sunglasses: You know it’s always a great day when you need to bring your sunglasses out!
4.)Umbrella: I definitely need this when I’m traveling because you never know when it’s going to start pouring, especially in London!
5.)Backpack: For all my essentials (and let’s be honest, tons more), it’s cute and keeps my hands free.
6.)Wallet: To survive. Enough said!

travel 6 EMILY, University of Idaho

1.) Lululemon Wunderunder crop yoga pants. Comfy and can be dressed up with boots and a cute top or can be used as pajama pants!
2.) My health-on-the-go kit: I always keep cold medicine, Kleenex moist wipes, and baby powder on hand.
3.) Breckelle’s boots: Comfortable walking boots that are fashionable and can go with almost anything.
4.) Clean & Clear oil absorbing wipes: after a long day of traveling  these portable wipes remove all traces of an oily face.
5.) My Nikon D3100 camera: I could not live without it!
6.) Merona weatherproof jacket: a lightweight neutral color that can be layered up or easily rolled up in a bag.


travel 4


CHELSEA, Texas State University

The most important place I travel to is class every day. Here are 6 things I can’t travel to campus without:

1.) Lilly Pulitzer Planner: keeps my life organized. I don’t go anywhere without it. I write down all of my assignments, exams and appontments so I don’t miss a thing
2.) Notebook: for taking notes in class
3.) Great pens: my favorite chevron pens in an assortment of colors. I write in a different color for every class #isthatweird
4.) Folder: for papers, syllabi, and such
5.) iPad: my source of entertainment in between classes.
6.) Granola bar: I hardly ever have time to sit down for lunch. These granola bars are my favorite for lunch on the go!


travel 3

JESSICA, Colgate University

1.)Boots. Cute, comfy, and perfect for any weather.
2.)H20+ hydrating gel. Because there’s always time for some skin care, especially after those long plane rides. And how about that SPF?
3.)Sunglasses. For when vacation isn’t about soaking up the sun
4.)E.l.f. mineral lipstick. Classic, moisturizing (doubles as chapstick,) and only 5 bucks
5.)Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow duo. Good as eyeshadow, good as eyeliner, good for brows (the real windows to the soul)… versatility at its best
6.)iPhone. The smartphone. A pocket sized time keeping email checking text messaging photo-taking handy dandy toolbox. Keep track of time zones, keep backup photos of your IDs, and keep a document of your travels. All at the same time.


travel 10 CHANTEL, Houston Community College

1.) My Smartphone- Whatever I need, I can always find an app for it.
2.) Sperry’s- These are my go-to travel shoe. I always feel confident while wearing them.
3.) Journal- To My Dear Travelers, you never know what you will come across while traveling. Make sure to keep a journal handy at all times.
4.) Land’s End Fleece Jacket- I am addicted to this jacket. It’s so soft and feels like you are wrapped up in a blanket. Even in Texas I keep this with me at all times to combat those pesky classroom shivers.
5.) Vera Bradley Hipster Bag- It is my on-the-go bag. It is small enough for essentials and it’s safe enough to keep any sticky fingers out.
6.) Apple Ear-Buds- I’am a full-fledged music junkie and the soundtrack to my life is always playing. I have a song for every mood or situation.


travel 2RENYELLE, Colgate University

1.) Backpack: My pink Jansport has been going all around the world with me since I was 14! It’s the perfect size for class or weekend trips!
2.) iPad: I always travel with it. It’s perfect for watching Netflix or reading books. It’s much more convenient to use than my laptop when I’m on a plane.
3.) InStyler: This is my go to hair appliance. It can straighten and curl so it’s super easy to pack.
4.) NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and bareMinerals Tinted Mineral Veil: Perfect for quick coverage. They both have SPF and keep my skin looking great regardless of the weather outside.
5.) Cherry Chapstick: I wear lots of matte lipsticks so moisturized lips are essential!
6.) Hand-sanitizer: There’s no soap and warm water on the London Underground or in the Souk in Marrakech so a quick travel size hand-sanitizer is an absolute MUST.


travel 5KATHY, University of Florida

1.) My smartphone, it is indispensable. I use it to document my everyday life.
2.) My iPod Classic and headphones. The large storage capacity means I always have the right music.
3.) The charger to my phone, this is an easy one to forget.
4.) LipSmackers chapstick, even though I’m 21, I’ve been using the same brand of chapstick since 7th grade. I love it.
5.) My simple point and shoot camera comes with me everywhere. I live in my reality.
6.) My day planner is my right-hand man. I feel disoriented without it and I write everything in there.

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