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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Save Money Abroad

While abroad, you want to discover all that your destination has to offer and you will encounter many opportunities and will have to decide if they worth it the financial commitment or not.

Question #1: Will you ever get this opportunity again?

You may never get the opportunity to visit this part of the world again.  Embrace every moment and just do it! This is the positive  mindset to take with your throughour your travels.   Just document everything with plenty of photos to make the price and opportunity worth it.


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Question #2: Can I get a student discount?

Be selective when deciding which excursions to participate. It is very important to seek out a student discount to keep your bank account happy.  Be sure to carry your student ID with you, and use it to your advantage!  Many places  will gladly charge you a cheaper fair if you show your student discount card. For an example, to ride the iconic London Underground or ‘tube’ you need an “Oyster card”. This card gives excellent student deals so make sure you check that out!  Get more budget hacks on public transportation abroad here.

Question #3: Am I able to capture the full history of the attraction from the outside?

Instead of spending money on this attraction, can you take plenty of pictures that would give you a similar experience as going into the attraction. Paige Wagner study abroad london image

Question #4:  Is this in my budget?

Make sure that you are aware if your budget allows you to participate in this activity before spending the money.  Download a budget app like ‘Mint’ or ‘Wally” on your phone before you go abroad to keep tabs on your budget.  Don’t get to the end of your study abroad experience and not able to buy take home gifts for your family because you’ve spent it all of it at the beginning.

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Question #5: What’s the weather like? Rainy conditions?

Depending on the weather, it could change the way you feel about the attraction. If it were raining, would you really want to go on this ride? Is it a game changer?  Paige Wagner study abroad london image

Question #6: How much time will it take?

Time is always a very important aspect when traveling.  Firstly, if you are pressed for time, research how long it is estimated to view an exhibition. Is there a ‘Fast Track’ option available?  For example, with the London Eye, check how long the line is to get on broad one of the 32 pods for a 30 minute ride.  Secondly you may find that an activity is a bit to pricey for such a short duration.  For example indoor skydiving is expensive, exhilarating and over very quickly.  Weigh up your options before deciding on each activity.

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Question #7: Am I dressed appropriately?

In some cases, especially in Mosques, you are required to have your head and shoulders covered. Go prepared, and purchase a scarf before you leave home so as to avoid having to purchase these items upon entering the mosque.

Question #8: Language factor- Am I going to be able to understand what’s going on inside the museum

Check to see the cost difference between taking a guided your and an audio tour in museums and other attractions.  Audio tours are usually available in many different languages.

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Save Money Abroad

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