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8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Experience Life on the Emerald Isle

Ireland was recently rated as the most beautiful country in Europe and it is small wonder why. This island country is rich with sprawling green landscapes and charming picturesque towns. There is so much to see and do, and the best place to study while in Ireland is right in the heart of it all- Dublin. Here are the reasons why you should consider Dublin for your time abroad:

1. Not many Americans study abroad there

If you are truly looking to immerse yourself in the culture of your host country, Dublin is one of the best places to do so. Compared to Florence and Barcelona, there are not many American college students there at all, and that is what makes studying here so unique.

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2. There are three major colleges nearby

While there may not be an overwhelming amount of American students studying in Dublin, there is a countless supply of Irish students. With Trinity, University College of Dublin, and Dublin College University all inside the city, there is always an opportunity to meet new people that are around your age. Plus, it is always interesting to get into a conversation about how school is different at home than it is in Ireland.

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3. No language barrier

In order to make friends with the locals it is usually helpful that you are able to communicate using the same language. Although you may have to ask your new friends to repeat some words due to their wonderfully thick accents, it is easy to strike up a conversation with anyone at any time.

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4.Friendly People

Irish people are perhaps the most talkative in the world (especially the cab drivers!). They love, love, love to discuss politics, weather and everything else in between making conversations with them both effortless and lengthy.

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5. Abundant Nightlife

Everywhere you turn in this city you are bound to see a pub, bar or club. It seems that nearly every other establishment on almost any stretch of road is one of the former. With so many options, it is quite easy to find something to suit whatever mood you are in. An added bonus is that because of the abundance of local universities, a lot of these businesses offer student deals or discounts. Where to go for a night out in Dublin.

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6. Can easily travel around the country 

If and when you want to take a step back from city life in Dublin, it is extremely easy to do so. It is possible to get from one side of the island to other in about three hours by bus, train, or if you are brave enough, by car. Day trips to Galway, Cork and other well-known towns are constantly leaving from Dublin. Well-known attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Blarney Stone can be visited via bus trip from Dublin. Plus, it is impossible to visit Ireland without experiencing some of the gorgeous countryside.

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7. Home of Ryanair

Ireland gets a bad rep of being hard to travel from because it is an island and not a part of mainland Europe. The good news: this is not true. In fact it is quite easy to travel from Dublin to the rest of Europe via flights from Dublin Airport. It also doesn’t hurt that Ryanair originated in Ireland, so there are a ton of cheap flights leaving every day to numerous destinations throughout Europe.

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8. St. Patrick’s Day

There is no better place in the world to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day than in Dublin. This is reason enough to make you want to study abroad there. During the day a parade goes on throughout the city and at night the bars and pubs come alive with people, music and countless drinks. If St. Patrick’s Day isn’t already your favorite holiday, it will be after spending it here.

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Dublin, Ireland is off the beaten-path for many students studying abroad, and that is what makes it so special. Meeting local people, traveling easily around the country and enjoying countless nights out makes Dublin a perfect fit for any unique study abroad experience.

8 REASONS to Study Abroad in Dublin Ireland

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Amanda Hackney is a public relations major and international studies minor at Penn State University. She spent her second semester of junior year abroad in Dublin, Ireland. When she is not exploring the world, Amanda can be found curled up with a good book, hanging out with friends or baking fabulous cakes in her kitchen. Follow her on Instagram @amanda_hackney and Twitter @hackcittty

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