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8 Reasons Why Nuremberg is Great for Every College Tourist

Nuremberg is a place that has beautiful architecture, history and monuments.  

   Throughout Germany, there are endless amounts of things to discover. Since World War II was such a big part of their history and culture, it is all over the entire country. One of the places that was impacted the most from the war is the city of Nuremberg. This city has both new and old because of the multiple bombing that city with a population of half a million people have endured. If those facts are not convincing enough to visit this beautiful city, here are 10 reasons why every College Tourist should visit Nuremberg, Germany.

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The History of Nuremberg- Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a huge part of this city. Back in the day, it was often referred as having been the ‘unofficial capital’ of the Holy Roman Empire. Since being a part of the Holy Roman Empire and since it was in a perfect position of being in the middle of Germany, the Nazi party chose the city as the perfect destination to film propaganda and for rallies. Famously known as the Nuremberg rallies, Hitler found this city as a perfect layout and a number of premises were taken over and constructed for these purposes. Today, these areas can still be seen and you can even stand exactly where Hitler stood in the famous Nuremberg rally if you go to the Nazi party rally grounds.

Paige Wagner nuremberg image travelDowntown atmosphere & picturesque views

When getting off the trains, there are the city walls immediately in front of you. These large structures made out of sandstone stood there as blockades for the opposing sides to struggle to get past. Once you go through these gates, the entire city opens up and it is completely breath taking. These cobblestone streets are filled with markets, fresh food, and street performers. People are all around yet there is a very comforting feel about this city.

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The Buildings in Nuremberg

The beautiful part about this city is that there are new parts, and there are old parts. On one side of the street, there are older houses and then on the other, there are newly constructed and furnished houses. This just goes to show the visitor what parts were bombed and what parts were not. Back in the day, all of the houses were wooden but because of the bombings going on in this city, the wood quickly burned down, and the houses were replaced with stone.

Paige Wagner nuremberg image travelNuremberg (famous!) Christmas Market

Known for their incredible gingerbread cookies, the Nuremberg Christmas Market is open 365 days a year and is always available in the middle of the city. Since it is the only place to buy these delicious cookies year round, people come from all over the country to enjoy them. In addition to many different cookies, the famous Germany made nutcrackers are often featured. These handmade Christmas ornaments are a must if you want a traditional German gift on your Christmas tree.

Paige Wagner nuremberg image travelNurnberg Castle

Located in the north-western corner of the old town, the castle that was built in 1495 in one year total and in the past used to serve as a storehouse for grain. Today, it is used as a youth hostel. When going through the entry to the castle garden and castle gate, you get to what they call the Freiung, which is considered one of the best views of the old town. This view is beyond breath taking and you can see a wonderful view of most of Nurnberg, including the city walls and their multiple lookout towers.

The Cuisine

When going anywhere in Germany, make sure you try the local cuisine, bratwurst. This type of dish is a roasted sausage and is usually given to you “to go” on a roll but when dining in it is served on sauerkraut. This is a common delicacy and in some places when eating in, they serve you an odd number. When eating in, they serve you an even amount of bratwurst. This is a local’s tip so make sure that you keep that in mind when ordering in or out at a restaurant.

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The Hospital of the Holy Spirit

Also known as the Heilig-Geist-Spital, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit is featured in the centre of the city on the bank of the river Pegnitz. This building was founded in 1332 and is one of the largest hospitals of the Middle Ages. In the Second World War, it had been destroyed but reconstruction began in 1951 to preserve this picturesque pointed tower. It is now home of a retirement community and a restaurant.

Paige Wagner nuremberg image travelLorenzkirche, church in Nuremberg

The astounding St. Lawrence Church was built to the 13th to 15th century but it is still considered as one of the most important buildings in Nuremberg. It was badly damaged during World War II but was later restored. This monument is dominated by two towers, while also mirroring the St. Sebald and indirectly with the Bamberg Cathedral with its sharp towering West portal doorway, and indented rose window. In addition, the church has three organs so you will definitely hear one of the organists play at some point when roaming the city.

Paige Wagner nuremberg image travelAs you can tell from above from the many cities in Germany, Nuremberg has plenty of history in it from the Second World War. Throughout downtown, you can find plenty of postcards with pictures of what Nuremberg used to be. If you are interested in the history of both World Wars but especially the second, take a trip to Nuremberg. You will not be disappointed in the beautiful history, location, and architecture.

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