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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Denmark

Denmark is so much more than Nyhavn, the canal with the colorful buildings in the city.

I’m 50% Danish. My mom grew up in this country until she was 14 before moving to states. Coming to visit Denmark on my summer breaks was a tradition for my family, every two or three years my family of six would hop across the pound for two weeks to do the typical family vacation. We would stay in our grandparent’s beach house on the coast of the country, visit a lot of extended family that I didn’t know too well, and spend a few days in the city of Copenhagen. It has always been relaxed and enjoyable.

In the past few years Denmark, specifically Copenhagen, has become a hotspot for young travelers and study abroad students. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing; Denmark is a beautiful and unique country that deserves this type of recognition. But I think we all need to realize that Denmark is so much more than just Copenhagen, just like there is so much more to France than just Paris. People these days just want to come and get their artsy picture by the famous canal in the city center, Nyhavn, and then move on to their next destination.

This makes me a little sad because in my experience, Denmark is so much more than that. So, here they are, here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about this country.

1. It has some incredible beaches. They’re not white sand and turquoise blue water beaches but the coast of Denmark is filled with small beach towns and villages and they’re beautiful nonetheless. These beaches tend to be have alternating patches of rocks and sand and usually have beautiful flowers spilling over on to the sand along the edge. The water is refreshing but cold, so it definitely helps to have that Viking blood in you when you’re ready to take a dip!

2. Most of the country is farmland. Just a short 10-minute drive outside the city and you’ll already be well into Denmark’s vast countryside. The country is home to thousands of farms so you can’t really drive anywhere without spotting farmland, windmills, and a herd of cattle, horses or sheep.IMG_2325

3. It is home to some beautiful churches. Every single church that I have seen in this country has absolutely blown me away, they are all so stunning a well kept, even the graveyards look fancy.IMG_2327

4. People bike everywhere. I glad that I never had to drive in this country because I would always be paranoid that I would hit a biker, they are absolutely everywhere. They even have their own lanes on the highways and throughout the city.

5. It’s pretty expensive. But, hey I guess that’s what happens when tourism takes over. Also 1 U.S. dollar equals 7 Danish Kroner, so maybe when I see an ice cream cone priced at 30 kroner, I freak out and think its much more expensive than it actually is.

6. They have the best hotdogs I’ve ever had. I’m not lying when I say these bad boys are actually a foot long. Just look at that perfection. So. Many. Toppings.IMG_2336

7. It was ranked the safest country in the world.

8. It’s the happiest nation in the world.

Those last two I shouldn’t really have to explain, even if you only spend 24 hours here you’ll pick up on these two remarkable qualities 🙂 On your next trip to Denmark, take some of these things into consideration and extend your stay by a few days. That will give you the time to eat a hotdog, drink a Carlsberg (famous Danish beer) and experience this beautiful country in its entirety.

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