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9 Tips for Visiting Switzerland

 Switzerland is an adventure and food lovers dream 

Know When To Go 
If you are looking to travel to Switzerland to get the best weather, visit in June through September. To travel when it is most affordable, go in the months of January through March. If you want to hit the slopes and skiing is the main reason for your trip, December through April is prime skiing conditions
-Meagan Hughes

Try The Fondue 

There are many different kinds of food that each country is known for. In this case, Switzerland is known for having fantastic chocolate and  fondue, a sauce typically made with melted cheese  or chocolate and served in a communal pot. In the past, the Swiss that were living in the mountains depended on fondue as a way to continue using the bread and cheese even throughout the colder months. Whether it is a chocolate fondue or a cheese fondue, pair it with wine (or garlic for the cheese fondue) and you are in for a feast. If it is winter or summer, fondue is something to try on multiple occasions.
-Paige Wagner

Release Your Inner Daredevil 

Extreme sports in Interlaken: although it may be a bit crowded, Interlaken, Switzerland is the ultimate destination for any adrenaline junkie. From canyon jumping to skydiving, hang gliding to canyoning; pick what excites you the most and don’t let yourself chicken out. It’s a great opportunity to face your fears and see the beautiful landscape in a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
-Sarah Allen 

Keep Your Manners In Mind 

There are a few etiquette policies to remember when visiting Switzerland. Formal hellos and goodbyes are important. When meeting someone for the first time, always go with a firm handshake. When greeting a friend, three cheek kisses are the standard. The Swiss don’t like to stand in line and people will bump you out of the way. Don’t take it personally, it’s just how they are. Speak up, however, and take your turn. Personal space is something the Swiss find very important. Try to keep an arms distance between you and the next person. And don’t be late because, to the Swiss, it is just plain rude.
-Hannah McInytre


Take a Glorious Hike

In addition to some of the more extreme sports in Interlaken, the “Via Ferrata” or “Klettersteig” hiking trails are a peaceful way to experience the gorgeous Swiss Alps, complete with moments of heart-racing excitement as you traverse along the side of a cliff face or cross a suspension bridge thousands of feet above a raging river. Found in various locations across the country, “Via Ferrata” are composed of a steel cable which runs the length of the trail, to which you secure yourself to in order to stop from falling. Not for those afraid of heights, these extreme hikes require no climbing experience, but a good set of hiking boots is highly recommended. While you’re on the trail, make sure you take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Switzerland!
-Veronica White

Don’t Miss out on Rhine Falls

Besides the well known Swiss Alps, Switzerland is also home to the largest waterfall in Europe. Near the town of Schaffhausen is the Rhine Falls, formed over 14,000 years ago during the most recent ice age. The falls measure over 75 feet tall and nearly 500 feet wide. For a truly unforgettable experience, adrenaline junkies should visit the Adventure Park at Rhine Falls on the fall’s north bank. Known as one of Europe’s most famous rope parks, it offers more than 140 obstacles as well as a nearly 43-foot free fall drop. For those who hope to take in the scenery via water, there are different boating excursions that give unparalleled views of the falls.
-Elizabeth Tzagournis

Indulge in a Glass of Swiss Wine

Many people are unaware of the wine production in Switzerland. That’s because almost all of it is consumed within Switzerland. If you want to enjoy the amazing wine that Switzerland produces, then the Valais Wine Trail is a must! This trail contains 41 miles of hiking trails, graded roads, and even some paved roads. You can choose whether you want to enjoy this trail by foot or bicycle. It is a great way to experience not only Switzerland’s fine wine but explore the vineyards that make it.
-Alyssa San Agustin

Don’t Miss Out on the Carnival

Carnivals in Europe are not to be missed. The Carnival (Fasnacht) in Basel, Switzerland is known by the locals as “the most wonderful three days”. Festivities begin at 4 AM a few days after Ash Wednesday and last for three days straight. During these 72 hours, the city center of Basel transforms into a buzzing hub of unrecognizable locals dressed in costume, brass bands, and lanterns displaying specific themes. A part of this carnival is to portray recent and current events. If you’re looking for art, local traditions, cultural history, and street parades, Basel has just that.
-Kristin Naujok 

Travel By Train

What they say is true – travelling by train is the best way to see Europe. Thanks to its efficiency, modern design and the abundance of jaw-dropping views, Switzerland is known to have some of the most scenic train trips in the world.  The most notable routes include the Bernina Express, the Glacier Express, and the Brienzer Rothorn.
-Angela Serednicki 

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