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A Beginner’s Guide to Copenhagen Districts

Discover which neighborhood in Copenhagen is the best fit for you

With a population of around half a million, any Dane will tell you that Copenhagen is extremely small. Despite the smallness of this major city, it is divided up into many different areas, each unique with their own personalities. The characteristics of these areas only begin to scratch the surface; these districts have so much to offer and if you find yourself in Copenhagen make sure to check out as many as possible! Copenhagen has ten official districts, and here I have highlighted the five I frequented the most:

Christianshavn – a central location with a maritime atmosphere due to the cobblestone streets lining the canals, Christianshavn is a very enviable location to live. Here you will find the world-famous restaurant Noma and also freetown Christiania, a neighborhood founded by hippies who developed their own society rules. Due to the major hash dealing that occurs in Christiania, you are not allowed to photograph all of it, so make sure to pay attention to the signs and take them seriously! Save time to climb up the Church of our Saviour for stunning views of the city.

view from church image

Frederiksberg – upscale, fashionable and more posh than other areas in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is geared towards a more older and well-established crowd. I called Frederiksberg home for four months and fell in love with the countless cafes, trendy boutiques and green spaces. Several times a week I would wake up early to run through the Frederiksberg Park, which is wonderfully located right next to the Copenhagen Zoo!

frederiksberg park image

Nørrebro – young, vibrant and casual, this area is full of a younger crowd as they navigate their way through everything from cocktail bars to parks to incredible music scenes. Stop by Superkilen Park, the urban park identified by the bold black and white lines, which was created with the intention of celebrating diversity and is filled with objects from around the world. It is definitely a must-see in this multicultural district!

superkilen park image

Østerbro — one of the greenest areas in the city, Østerbro is home to an abundance of families with both children and dogs. Most importantly, Copenhagen’s most famous statue is located here. The Little Mermaid Statue, or the Den Lille Havfrue, is displayed on a rock by the waterside. This tiny statue has been bringing visitors to the Østerbro area since 1913!

little mermaid image

Vesterbro – dubbed as Cope’s hippest area, Vesterbro always stirs up a good time whether you are down for eating, drinking, shopping or just in need of a great night out. Located behind Central Station, this area boasts the trendiest restaurants and cafes as well as the Museum of Copenhagen, located in a gorgeous mansion from the 1700s. Looking for a fun night out in this area? Make sure to visit the Meatpacking District and stop by my personal favorite bar, Jolene’s, for an entertaining night out or Neighbourhood for organic pizza and cocktails.

pizza image

Copenhagen holds unpredictable personalities around every corner that are just waiting to be discovered.

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Southern Methodist University | 6 stories

Molly is a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX majoring in Communication Studies. Bitten by the travel bug during her incredible semester abroad in Copenhagen, she's learning to both find adventure in her every day life and to look for an opportunity to discover something new daily! Lover of donuts, running, people, and of course, travel, she's excited to share her stories with the College Tourist community! To follow along with her adventures, follow her on Instagram @ _hot_tamolly_ and check out her blog,

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