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A Day in the Life: University of Miami

Students Give Us a Small Snapshot of Life on Campus at U Miami.

College Tourist chats with students and the study abroad office at University of Miami to discover the best things about studying both on and off campus. Students can enjoy the campus pool and snacks from the delicious food trucks like HipPops.  However approximately 500 students choose to study abroad with U Miami each year with the two top destinations being the UK and Australia.  Here’s what some students had to say:


MU 2 croppedName: Alexis
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Los Angeles
The best thing about studying at UM is the diversity.  I’ve met so many different people here.  I play volleyball and hope to play in Europe after I graduate.  So, although I haven’t studied abroad, if I did I would love to go to Italy.


mu 3Name: Cole
Major: Electircal engeneering
Hometown: Houston TX
What I have liked about being at U Miami has changed with each year.  I’ve enjoyed experiencing the transition from my early days of partying to now, when I love the art district and music scene.  I also love to visit the arboretum.  If I was to study abroad, I would like to visit the UK.


mu 1Name: Brianna and Krissy
Major: Economics and Political Science
Hometown: Miami and New York
Miami has such a fun range of cultural diversity.  There is always a lot of interesting things happening on the campus.  The students are all friendly and get involved.  Krissy would love to return to Spain for further study while Brianna would love to explore Italy and in particular Rome.


mu 6Name: Tina and Nicole
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Miami and Syracuse NY.
This is such a relaxing campus. With a heavy work load, you’re able to study at the beach or by the pool.  Nobody ever seems to be stressed here, the campus is so beautiful.  If these girls were to study abroad they would like to spread their wings and study in Africa and India.


mu 5Name: Daniel
Major: Finance/Math
Hometown: Sanmemxia, China
After applying to a number of schools and sitting the TOEFL exams in lieu of the SATs, Daniel decided on U Miami.  He loves the beaches and weather in Miami although after graduation, he’s is interested in exploring his options in California, Chicago or Boston.



mu 4Name: Jonathan
Major: Theatre/Film/Marketing
Hometown: Miami
Jonathan is at U Miami after transferring.  He loves that there is something for everybody with 327 student societies, 33 Greek life affiliations and students from 127 countries.  He studies abroad at Kent University in the UK and the Film and Media School in Prague.




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