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Ten tips for a fun packed Fall Festival Time.

Be prepared to meet new people, eat good food, make great memories, and listen to some awesome music

My college has two music festivals every year, this year we had TLC, Matt and Kim, and Janelle Monae. It was upbeat and fun, and the night ended with an amazing fireworks display.

Hofstra’s Fall Fest is one of my favorite events for the whole year.  There lot of other Fall Festivals, whether abroad, at colleges, or in small towns. It can be difficult to know what to bring to festivals to ensure the best experience and be prepared for any development. Here’s a list of essentials to have on hand when you head off to your next Fall Festival.

1. Sunscreen. Fall can still pack a punch on the sunburn front, I highly recommend at least having a foundation with SPF to protect your skin while you’re out and about all day.

2. Phone. Make sure you have your phone and it is CHARGED. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve lost friends in crowds and had to search frantically for them because they drained all their battery. Consider investing in a Mophie phone case charger, there could be lot’s of Instagram moments.

3. Camera. Bring your  camera to capture the memories and your favorite moments if you love photography. There are lot’s of amazing sites and colors to be seen. Perfect way to get those great pictures for your blog post or upload to your tumblr.

4. Small Cross Body Bag. A small cross body keeps you hands free and keeps all of your stuff safe. Carnival rides are a fun way to start the day providing so many laughs along the way so you will need to keep all your items secure.

5. Comfortable shoes. I can’t stress this one enough. Ladies, comfort over fashion. Do not wear six inch heels to a festival. You will be on your feet ALL day, keep that in mind.  Bear in mind that you will most likely be on grass in high traffic areas which will quickly turn to mud if there is any rain.

6. Water. Bring your own water, keep hydrated. Lot’s of activities to keep you busy and it’s cheaper to bring your own.

7. Cash. Always have at least $20 on hand for an unexpected ride entry, food or a fun souvenir from the festival.

8. ID. Don’t leave your ID at home.  It’s better to be prepared in case they require some on admission.

9. Good Friends. Take your favorite people with you, it will make your day so much more fun to have people you’re comfortable with and can laugh with.  But, reach out. make some new friends while you’re there.  enjoy the experience of mixing with masses of people who most likely have some of the same interests as you.

10. Good Attitude. Never go to a festival with anything less than a positive attitude. You will make so many more incredible memories when you’re open to all the possibilities that the day has to offer, after all it’s Festival Time!

Festivals are always a great experience. Have all your necessities so you’re comfortable and be open to making the most of the experience. Meet new people, eat good food, make great memories, and listen to some awesome music. Whichever festival you find yourself at this fall, enjoy every minute of it!

A Sample of Music Festivals for October 2014

Southern Ground Music & Food Festival – Nashville, TN – Oct 11-12
A3C Hip Hop Festival – Atlanta, GA – Oct 8-12
The Real Squeal: Lyons BBQ & Music Festival – Lyons, GA – Oct 10-11
Bayfest – Mobile, AL – Oct 3-5
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – San Francisco, CA – Oct 3-5
SacWorldFest – Sacramento, CA – Oct 5
Culture Collide – Los Angeles, CA – Oct 16-18
Ozark Folk Festival – Eureka Springs, AR – Oct 7-11
Musicfest El Dorado – El Dorado, AR – Oct 4-5
Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA – Oct 9-12
Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fall Festival of Music & Dance – Pittsboro, NC – Oc 9-12
Nebraska Country Music Festival – Hastings, NE – Oct 15-18
Gruene Music and Wine Fest – New Braunfels, TX – Oct 9-12
Lake Charles Film & Music Festival – Lake Charles, LA – Oct 10-12
CMJ Music Marathon – New York, NY – Oct 21-25
Harvest Music Festival – Ozark, Arkansas – Oct 16-18
Magnolia Fest – Live Oak, FL – October 16-19, 2014
Tampa Funk Fest – Raymond James Stadium – Tampa Bay, FL – Oct 18
Art Outside – Rockdale, TX – Oct 24-27
Gautier Mullet & Music Fest – Gautier, MS – Oct 18-19
Treasure Island Music Festival – San Francisco, CA – Oct 18-19
Southern Ground Music & Food Festival – Charleston, SC – Oct 11-12
Arcadia Valley Mountain Fall Festival & Music Festival – Arcadia Valley, MO – Oct 17-19
Halifax Pop Explosion – Halifax, Canada – Oct 21-25
Abbey Road on the River – Cleveland, OH – Oct 24-26

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