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A Little Piece of Madrid: 6 Awesome Places to Live Like a Local

A Short and Sweet List of Places to Visit in this Historic and Hot City

First off, let me say that Madrid is one huge city. You’ll find the greenest of parks, one of the oldest restaurants in the world, a raging soccer stadium, a traditional bullring, and huge clubs that will stay open until the peek of dawn. Of course I could go on and on with the number of possible things to do in one of the historic yet hottest cities in the world, but I’ve compiled a short and sweet list of places that are truly beautiful and entertaining. If you’re ever in this city, be sure to stop by these restaurants, bars, and market to seriously taste local living in Madrid.

1) La Fontana De Oro
Calle de la Victoria, 3 28012 Madrid. Neighborhood: Sol

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The front of this bar looks quite antique-y since it’s rimmed with wood and gold lettering, but this place always happened to be packed at night. It’s located a block or two from central Sol close to one of the famous Museo del Jamons, a cheap, yet affordable place for meat central. There are a lot of live bands that play over the weekends and on Thursday nights, chupitos, or shots, are around 1 euro!

2) Sidreria La Creacion
Calle de Nunez de Arce, 14 28012 Madrid. Neighborhood: Sol

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This Sidreria (a place that sells traditional Spanish cider) is also located right in Sol and a bottle of cider is only 5 euros. The higher you pour the sidra, the better tasting it gets so pour from a high distance into your cup and aim well! They should give you a plate or two of tapas with each bottle of sidra so if they don’t serve you any, make sure to ask for some!


3) Cerveceria La Surena

Multiple locations but there’s a nice one at Calle Gran Via, 68 28013 Madrid. Neighborhood: Universidad

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Cubos de Cerveza!

The chain restaurant has a nautical theme and can be found all around Madrid and throughout Spain. There is a two floored Surena in Santa Ana near Sol that’s spacious where many Spaniards head to for lunch or before the bars at night. This place serves a seafood-type cuisine in small tapas portions for affordable prices. And for only 3 euros, you get a silver tin bucket full of 5 beers!


4) 100 Montaditos
Multiple locations and they’re all guaranteed to be good!

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100 Montaditos also serves patatas bravas and french fries!

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The anchovy and tomato paste montadito with a side of patatas fritas (aka potato chips) and cerveza!


On Sundays and Wednesdays the chain restaurant has a special menu with everything for basically 1 euro (excluding some food options like salads). They have all kinds of tiny baguette sandwiches, different sizes of beer, tinto de verano, sangria, nachos, etc. Many high school and university students gather here during lunch time since the menu is large and the price is cheap. The restaurants are scattered all around Madrid so be sure to stop by.

5) Mercado De San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, 28005 Madrid. Neighborhood: Near La Plaza Mayor

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It’s cute, quaint, and one of the oldest markets in Madrid. The gourmet marketplace encloses 33 little shops with glass walls where all kinds of fresh and local foods, desserts, and drinks are offered. This place is bound to be packed with tourists and everyday Spaniards so don’t be surprised if you get a little shoved. I found this market to be the best market out of all the others in Madrid because it was always hustling and bustling with interesting people and beautiful food. The baguette section is totally worth trying where a variety of cheeses, fishes, and meats are served on tiny baguettes for 3-10 euros.


6) Gabana 1800

Calle de Velazquez, 6 28001 Madrid. Neighborhood:

SalamancaGabana was probably one of the chicest discotecas I went to that had more locals than tourists/abroad students. The popping bar/club has a cool, dark ambience with good music to dance to but beware, drinks cost to an average of 14 euros or more. If you’re looking for a genuine yet posh nightlife experience in Madrid, I would recommend Gabana. Who knows, maybe you’ll spot some famous Spanish singers and athletes!Whenever you’re staying in Madrid or just making a pit stop, be sure to check out at least one of these places. To me, visiting these hidden, local, and tasty spots made my trip to the city memorable and worthwhile. Viva Madrid!

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