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A Top 5 Guide to Prague

This Czech Republic city offers beautiful architecture, easy day trips and delicious food.

From the first time I stepped foot in the city of Prague, I was absolutely in love with every aspect of it. From the cobble stone streets, to the beautiful architecture, the lively atmosphere, and the incredible local culture, it is easy to say Prague is one of my favorite cities. Prague is a walking city so make sure you bring your comfortable walking shoes to maneuver through the cobble stone streets.  No busses are allowed past a certain point in the city so almost everyone walks and you will see more of the city and local culture by walking.

Top sites to See:

The Charles Bridge- An absolutely beautiful walk across the Vltava River bringing you right into the city and connecting the old and new parts of the city. It’s complete cobble stone and the view of the water is beautiful at any time of day. My favorite part about the bridge, however, are the accents such as the baroque statues placed along the bridge.  You can only walk across the bridge, no cars are allowed and lined with Czech artists, musicians and souvenir stalls.  If you walk across the bridge at sunset you will experience a beautiful site of the Prague Castle in the early evening sky.

Old Town Square- This historic square in the center of Prague is always bustling with people enjoying the medieval architecture, open air cafes and vendors, and if you’re lucky, you might catch some awesome live music. This city has such an historical vibe, you can walk for hours taking in the magnificent buildings and surrounds.

The Astronomical Clock – This is found in the Town Square and is probably one of the most recognizable sites in Prague.  The clock features a calendar painted by the famous Czech painter Josef Manes and depicts the 12 Apostles.   Every hour people crowd to watch the clock strike the hour and the figurines of the Apostles appear through the wooden doors.  It’s definitely a must to watch the clock change the hour at least once when you’re in Prague.

Minute House- To anyone just walking by, it looks like another beautiful building. The decorations on the house depict Greek mythology and this building was Franz Kafka’s childhood home. The house has since been converted, but to anyone that happens to walk by, stop and take a minute to appreciate the history and detail of the building.

Prague Castle – This is the largest ancient castle in the world.  You will need at least an entire morning to explore this cavernous landmark with its many court yards, gardens and surrounding churches.

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Side Trip from Prague:

Ceske Budejovice- This city is the largest city in the South Bohemian region and known for their breweries and beers.  The towns original brewery supplied the Holy Roman Emperor back in the early 13th century.  The towns namesake, Budvarlager was the original Budweiser.

After Dark:

After dark most students find themselves hanging around their local beer garden. It’s a great place to hang out with some friends, talk, maybe hear some music, and have a fun night.

Eat this:

To find some awesome customary, affordable food, go to the farmers markets and food stands in the square.  Try some Kolace, a pastry filled with poppy seeds, cheese or jam.  It’s a wonderful experience to try local cuisine right in the middle of its home city.  If you’re looking for something more savory, try a Parek v Rohliku, a delicious Czech hot dog.

Don’t be afraid to explore outside the tourist sites. One of the best days we had was spent following the directions of a local and walking around for hours learning about local culture. There is so much to take in while you’re walking around; the city, the history, and the people.  The city is guaranteed to provide an experience you will remember for your whole life.


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