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A Week Exploring the Spirit of Ireland

Ireland is the country to visit for friendly people and breathtaking views.

The spring and summer months are a great time to travel to Ireland, August tends to get a little busy, which is typical across Europe.

In Dublin, the best way to see the majority of the city is to do a Hop-On Hop-Off tour. This bus transportation system allows you to discover the entire city. The tour guides tell you all the important information about the city and a two day pass stops at 25 locations, including Trinity College and Dublin Castle. The double decker bus is fun way to get around in all kinds of weather and with its unlimited “Hop on, hop off” access, its a great way to see the city.

Next stop, Galway. We boarded a bus in central Dublin to take a two night trip to Galway. The bus took us to the main square of Galway, where our hostel was. Its a bustling square full of people, restaurants and bars. The population is young, and we felt right at home. We found a little pub near our hostel to grab a late lunch, and then we hit the streets. Galway is a magical harbor city on the western coast of Ireland, it’s a bustling city, full of life. Its seaside location makes it a popular destination, with annual festivals and visiting theatre productions coming to town, it has a bohemian feel to it. We made our way through the town and stopped at a few pubs along the way, there are plenty of nightclubs and the locals are happy to engage, introduce themselves and have a chat.  The sunsets over Galway bay are spectacular, the perfect end to a day exploring. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming in Ireland. It’s so easy to just feel happy and at home.

cliffs of Moher image

The following morning we boarded another bus and headed south west through the beautiful countryside to reach the Cliff’s of Moher. The most visited natural attraction in Ireland that stretches over 5 miles with breathtaking views of the wild atlantic.  The hour and a half drive was stunning. I don’t think I looked away from the window once. The wind was strong off of the ocean and the vista was beautiful. We explored the cliffs, and what I assumed was a watchtower, where the view was even better, which I didn’t think was possible. There are great cafés to have lunch, shops with souvenirs and other local Irish trinkets. The cliffs ooze history, nature and geology. There were musicians playing local music along the cliffs. Our tour was midday, but I can only image that an evening tour would be ideal to capture and amazing sunset over the Atlantic.


That afternoon and night we ventured back into the streets of Galway for another unforgettable night, which ended with a late night snack at Supermac’s. Supermac’s is an Irish fast-food chain, that offers Irish friend chicken.  We so enjoyed people watching into the wee small hours.

The following morning we took the bus back to Dublin. It was all so easy, and, honestly, made our trip to Ireland that much more special. The whole country is worth seeing and has so much to offer. You can read more stories on Ireland from other College Tourists here and if you’d like to get your own Spirit Jersey for the ride (as shown in the picture), they can be purchased at . 

Image credit to Caroline Eaton.

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