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A Weekend in Split, Croatia

Outlined with rolling mountains and shaped by the Adriatic Sea, lies the breath-taking city of Split, Croatia. Booming night life, tasty seafood cuisines and gorgeous beaches have helped play a major role in Split becoming the 2nd largest city in Croatia. Not to mention, the filming of Game of Thrones has brought more and more tourists over the years. What makes this location even better is the warm weather from May to October, giving you the perfect reason to sneak away for a tan in the Fall.

Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself!

Old Town:

One of the finest seaside towns you can find in Europe placed inside a Roman palace. Inside a palace? Yep, thats right. The bell tower, which is located in the center of the town marks the entrance to the underground halls that still remain. Climbing the bell tower is pretty cheap and gives an amazing view of the entire city. The white walled town is beyond beautiful to walk through and if you continue to follow the path to the marina, walk out on the docks. Each boat is a little different yet the diversity adds to the scenery.  If you’re still in search of a thrill, you can rent a vespa to ride around on for the day! Make sure you don’t crash one of these babies because replacing the scooter is pretty expensive. I highly recommend finding a hostel here because everything you could need is about a 10 minute walk away.


Trying to do the math in your head gets a little confusing when you have a new currency. The Kuna is the national currency used in Croatia and approximately 7 Kuna is equal to $1. Finding exchange shops isn’t difficult at all, in fact, there was one right next to our hostel. With all the trendy shops scattered around and low prices, many people find themselves buying more than they intended. Famous stores like Birkenstock’s, sell shoes for almost $20-30 cheaper! 

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We take for granted the diverse food options we are given in America. Although I cannot complain about the delicious food I eat in Italy, I miss having lots of options. In search of a good afordable restaurant? Try Fabrique Pub. From burritos to fish and chips, they have it all. It’s a great place to grab a bite during the day and get drinks at night when it turns into a club. If you’re craving a good burger, hit up BEPA! Seating may be limited but the fast service gets you in and out quickly so you can continue your day of exploring.

**Eating local always tastes better and helps you get a better understanding of the daily life for whatever city you are traveling to. Try ordering fish while you’re here, even if it’s not your favorite.

Sail to Supetar:

As embarrassing as it is, just embrace the fact that you are going to be a tourist if you visit Split. Do the touristy things like take a Booze Cruise to Supetar. The cruise is about 40 Euro but they offer unlimited wine and a freshly prepared meal. I recommend ordering the fish, but BE WARNED the head and scales are still intact when it arrives to your table! Know that when you set sail around 11:00am and return around 5:00pm you will be exhausted from the day and probably will want to crash in bed as soon as you can.

**Keep an eye out for dolphins while you cruise across the deep blue Adriatic Sea.


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Game of Thrones:

Croatia has become home to the filming of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. Represented as the trading harbor of Qarth, Trogir is about 45 minutes from Split. Most scenes shot in Split are used for scenes in Kings Landing. For example, the Diocletian Palace, located in Old Town, is where Daenerys kept and trained her dragons in Season Four. If you’re a true fan and dedicated to visiting each film spot, there are Game of Thrones guides to Croatia.

Krka National Park:

About an hour north, you can find the National Park of Krka. Hidden behind twisting trails lies the famous seven layered waterfall. Definitely something to put on your bucket list even if you only stop here for an hour!

Emily, Bridgette & Hayden

There is an abundance of other fun activities to do in Split besides the ones I have listed, but if the scenery didn’t already have you sold then you might be crazy!

A weekend in Split Croatia


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