Alison Tatham, Founder – The College Tourist.

College Tourist was born through an incredible adventure that has carried me Alison and my two daughters Jess and Sasha throughout the globe. After experiencing expat life in Asia as Australian Citizens and International Students we found ourselves settling in the United States to embrace American College Life. Being students in College Towns far from home or on Study Abroad, makes us College Tourist’s all over the world. Our journey has been immensely rewarding. We are very fortunate for the people and places we have encountered along the way , the life lessons gained, but importantly the education that has come from crossing cultures and continents. Our desire to share the experiences and wonderful adventures of other student travelers led us to creating our global blogging and resource community.


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Through the journey, find your own path. We’d love to share one of your stories on  Students contact email Companies interested in collaborations with the College Tourist, please contact  Please email for a copy of our Media Kit