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An Instagramer’s Guide to Nashville

Nashville is a photographer’s playground – there are endless opportunities for photo taking adventures.

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The first time I came to Nashville was almost two years ago for the most random race I have ever run – a full marathon called the Nashville Half. Need I say more? Side note: don’t run races that aren’t big time. Just don’t, they’re not worth your time. Anyway, I digress. When we came, we had an absolute blast and hit a ton of the major attractions. You can see a lot of the highlights in this post!

As with most big cities in the U.S., I have a growing list of where I’d like to go whenever I get the chance to visit them. An opportunity arose to fly to Nashville for practically nothing and that was that. I think Nashville is one of the most perfect locations for a weekend trip, especially for those of us in our twenties! There are so many young people in Nashville, which creates a fun atmosphere. Not to mention the endless entertainment the bachelorette parties provide.

With limited time to hunt around town for the best sites, I naturally came prepared with my list and think I did a pretty good job making it to most places. If you think I missed somewhere, please comment and let me know! If you’re looking for not only cute shops, great food and fun areas, but also the best photo opps, then follow my instagrammers guide to Nashville below:

Nashville image

I went to Abendego on my first trip to Nashville and was so excited to visit it again! I love the minimalistic and chic layout of the store in addition to their wide selection of options. They have some of the most unique jewelry that would somehow go with everything I own. I wish I had bought something!


Amelia's Flower Truck Nashville Image

Amelia’s Flower Truck
Is it weird a flower truck was at the top of my list?! Well it was and we saw it twice! This truck is often outside of White’s Mercantile, but you can head to their Instagram or website to find out exactly where they will be. The flowers are (obviously) on the higher end, but they’re fun to look at and splurge on if you want to treat yourself.

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Amelia Styles
This tiny boutique was a walk away from where I stayed and I got very close to buying a dress there. The prices were affordable and as you can tell, the clothes are simple and fun. If you’re in East Nashville, it’s definitely worth stopping in.

Barista Parlor Coffee Cup image Nashville

Barista Parlor
With four locations throughout the city, Barista Parlor is as hipster as it gets in my opinion. All four fall on the darker side and have motorcycles on the inside for décor because, why not?

Cream Pie Image Nashville

Biscuit Love
I was scared we’d have to wait forever and then it would fall short, but I am glad we went! We probably only ended up waiting 30 minutes total from start to finish and while I don’t think it was as good as these biscuits we ate in Portland, it was still worth the wait. Get the bonuts!

Record Shop Image Nashville

Broadway Street
Classic, but of course you need to make it to Broadway while in Nashville. Whether you go during the day or night is up to you, but no matter when you go, I am certain it will be buzzing with activity.

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Silk Shirt Nashville Image

Emma’s Flowers & Gifts
Emma’s makes for a super cute backdrop if you’re looking for a quick photo background. It was closed when we went by or else we would’ve gone in, but the pink is a fun pop of color.

Five Daughters Bakery Image Nashville

Five Daughters Bakery
Another place you definitely need to go is Five Daughters Bakery! I went to the one in the 12 South Neighborhood located in an old house. The donuts are a croissant donut combo filled with crème and as everyone around me ate theirs with a knife and fork, I turned into a savage and devoured mine with my hands. Mission accomplished.

Flora Plant Shop Image Nashville

Flora Plant Shop
I’m a sucker for a cute succulent, especially if they’re in a funky shop. Flora Plant Shop is a bit off the main path from everything else in Nashville, but if you’re a plant lover, it is totally worth the trip there (and it isn’t even far). I loved the fun green couch and left the happy new owner of a plant!

Street Art Image Nashville

The Gulch
A newer Nash area, the Gulch has popular restaurants, like Biscuit Love, and crazy fun murals. You’ll find the popular wings mural here, in addition to the bright one above.

Nashville Street Art Image

Hillsboro Village
Clearly I am a sucker for good shops and murals, and this area has both! I’m obsessed with the main mural here (you can’t miss it) and the Hey Rooster General Store. It’s got that old-fashioned feel to it that I just love.

Ice cream Image Nashville

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
I am sure you have heard all about the Jeni’s hype and I think it is very worthy! Jeni’s is known for extremely unique flavors, but that’s what makes them so fun. I got a lemon blueberry scoop and it was so rich, I only needed this baby scoop!

Le Sel
I saw the pink, plush velvet booths on Instagram and was a goner. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but if everything tastes like the avocado toast, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Try going at an off-time so that you can photograph the pink booths in all their glory, but make sure it is on your itinerary at one point or another.

The Parthenon
I didn’t think I’d end up stopping by here for two reasons 1. I have been to the real Parthenon before 2. I’ve been to this fake Parthenon before. But, we stopped by for a quick second and my friend was right, the lighting is actually great for photos! It’s fun to say you’ve been, too.

Pinewood Social Image Nashville

Pinewood Social
Y’all, I am obsessed with this place. There’s bowling in the back, mini hot tub/swimming pools outside, swankier seating inside, and lounge chairs and lawn games outside. The frose outside was out of this world amazing and the brussels sprouts inside were not only fantastic, but also a large size for only $7. Please go.

Rosepepper Cantina Image

Rosepepper Cantina
I remember passing this restaurant on our first trip and loving them because their sign out front said “I wish I was filled with tacos instead of emotions.” RIGHT ON. This local spot changes out their sign frequently with hilarious sayings and while this one doesn’t resonate with me, I know others will see humor in it and understand this is a place to come to. Not to mention, their chips and queso are amazing!

Soda Parlour Image, Nashville

The Soda Parlor
As if the mason jar wasn’t cute enough, there was an old-fashioned light up sign, too! They ran out of the ice cream flavor required to complete my order, so I didn’t get the full experience of my s’mores shake, but it was still great.

12 South murals
You can’t head to Nashville without checking out some of the most photographed walls in the area. The best “I Believe in Nashville” wall is in 12S, as is the Draper James wall. Walk along the streets and you’ll find several other winners!

Three Brothers Coffee
I think this is such a cool coffee shop! I am pretty sure this area only exists to be a smoking area and I don’t even care – it serves well for photos so it’s a winner in my book J I got the blueberry hibiscus tea, which was perfect for the hot weather and I love the way all the photos there look.

White’s Mercantile
A type of general store in the popular 12 South Neighborhood, White’s Mercantile seems to always have a steady stream of folks popping in and out of it. I personally love their selection of greeting cards, but the fact that it is in an old gas station makes it pretty cool too.

Nashville has so much to offer, so if you haven’t been, you need to add it to your list!

An Instagrammer's Guide to Nashville

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