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Around the World in 68 Days [Video]

One College Sophomore’s Journey Circumnavigating the Globe without the help of Mom and Dad

By Hannah Heine, University of Dayton

Discovering your Big Hairy Audacious Goal can lead to great things and places. After working my behind off during the summer after my freshman year and pinching every penny I earned, I was able to come up with the plan and funds for studying abroad followed by a trip with a friend for 68 days circumnavigating the globe. That was my B-HAG [Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal].

This trip was done after my semester studying abroad in Sevilla,Spain for 4.5 months. There was an incredible amount of research, planning, working long hours [I had to pay for it somehow!], and budgeting involved. But, I have to tell ya, the fact that I can say I circumnavigated the globe as a sophomore in college without help from mom and dad is pretty rad.

A Run Down of Our Itinerary:

This trip started in London where I met up with my travel companion. We then traveled to Dublin, Ireland with a weekend trip to Galway [One of our favorite places!]. After Ireland, we flew to Amsterdam. It took us half a day to get off the beaten “tourist path” to the quaint part of Amsterdam. After Amsterdam, began the EuroRail part of the trip. We trained through Germany straight to Interlaken, Switzerland. [A DEFINITE must if you are into adventure sports or if you just like to hike.] Then on to Munich, Germany with a day trip to the outer Bavaria region to visit castles. Back on the train to Salzburg, Austria then onto Prague, Vienna, and finally Croatia. Next began more air travel, hitting up Berlin during our layover on our way to Istanbul. From Istanbul we flew to Dubai and then to Bangkok. On a weekend trip we trained to Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat. Next up, Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Finally, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Hawaii were our last 3 stops. WHEW… Around the world in 68 days! This video is what we created to document the trip. Enjoy!

Please stay tuned for more articles on my trip #AroundTheWorldin68Days.  Other articles in this series will cover the planning and lodging for this trip.

Hannah Heine

University of Dayton | 15 stories

Virginia born, Kentucky raised, and Spain living. Currently living in Southern Spain as an English Language Assistant. A graduate of The University of Dayton with dual degrees in Spanish and Public Relations. I fell in love with southern Spain during my semester of study in Seville & before coming back to USA after my studies I decided to circumnavigate the globe for three months. I then went on another 50 day backpack trip and ended up living in Spain! I consider myself a world traveler, videographer, (striving) calligrapher, and blog enthusiast just beginning to scratch the surface of the adventures life has to offer.

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