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Budget Hacks for Taking Public Transportation Abroad.

Those cab fares can really add up. Here’s a student’s guide to budget hacks for taking public transportation abroad.

Use the bus 

If you’re traveling between cities within the UK (or to some major destinations on mainland Europe), check out “Megabus” for amazing transport deals. Although the journeys may be longer, this is a cheap alternative to flying or taking the train, both which are often very expensive. And don’t worry about spending long hours on the bus – there’s free wifi onboard most of the buses, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Check out for cheap travel deals – soon you too can be traveling from London to Paris for as little as £10!
-Veronica White

When traveling to different parts of the UK, the cheapest bus route is through National Express. They show you the fastest route, very inexpensive for round trip fares and very comfortable seats. They also have this great option (that I have never seen before) that allows you to board the bus at night and then you arrive at your destination in the morning. That way, you can start your day off the right way, nice and rested. Also, if taking a bus is too much, there is always the option of flying. Ryanair is always a great site to use and if you’re a frequent user, there are plenty of £20 round trip flights available to places such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Munich!
-Paige Wagner

If you’re looking for an alternative to the train check out Busabout Europe. This is a hop-on-hop-off bus system using the Flexitrip pass. This is a great system and they offer a discount for students. This is a great option because it allows you freedom over your trip. You can go where you want and stay as long as you want. While it’s more secure to book your seat in advance, you can show up on the spots and get on if there are seats available.
-Alyssa San Agustin

The Hop on Hop off bus tours is a great way to see all the sights with transportation between included. It’s usually a two-day pass so you can go at your leisure and explore the neighborhoods too.

-Arianne Stallings

Take a Walk 

Many of the sights you want to see are within walking distance of another. Look at a map and plan out a walking, or mostly walking, route through the city. For one thing, it’s free (or mostly free) and it’s a better way for you to see the city. You’ll be able to shop and eat at places you would have never seen otherwise.
-Hannah McIntyre


Invest in a Rail Pass 
If you plan on taking the train a lot in Europe, getting a rail pass might be the best way to go. RailEurope offers several different kinds of passes, depending on how much you plan to use it and where you want to go. Plus- If you’re under 26 you get discounted rates! For example, The Eurail Italy Pass for $269 allows you to travel for 8 days within one month, within the national rail network of Italy. The Eurail Global Pass for $1173 allows you to travel virtually anywhere in Europe for the span of three months. (Yes, that’s a scary number to pay upfront, but think about how much you’re saving in the long run!) Additionally with a rail pass, you can get discounted tickets for your friends!!
-Sarah Allen

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Check out helpful websites 

If you’re traveling throughout Europe on a budget, is a great resource to find the cheapest, fastest, and smartest way to get from city to city. It compares prices for flights, trains, and buses for a certain time period, giving you a variety of options to choose from. It is not fully available in every country, but the website works great regardless of backpacking the continent for a month or looking for a cheap weekend getaway.
-Ben Rissler

Although there are many alternatives to flying, for those who need to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, is the place to visit. Its simple user interface and cheap prices make the site the easiest way to find affordable and discounted flights, hotels and tours. There is even an option for group travel and a contact service to help plan your trip. This is a great resource for students in particular and definitely something to be utilized when traveling anywhere in Europe.
-Elizabeth Tzagournis

Ride a bike

Bicycle sharing is a quick, cheap, and easy way of getting around any major city you like in Europe. More and more places are becoming conducive to bicyclists, making this form of transportation very simple. The sharing system allows anyone to pick up a bike at one of the numerous stations throughout the city by paying a small fee for your cycle length. Once you get to your destination you simply find the closest station to either return the bike (for its next rider) or pay more for a longer ride. Bicycling around cities is an enjoyably active way to explore or travel through a city, and is also healthy for yourself and the environment. Check out sites like Fat Tire Paris, when visiting France, they also do walking tours.
-Kristin Naujok

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