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Camden: A Hidden London Treasure

Explore the unique atmosphere of Camden, England. 

Want to go to a place that has all kinds of entertainment, food that is freshly made, and a unique atmosphere that is always a good time? Camden is the place for you.  Just 5 minutes north of Regent’s Park and the London Zoo, Camden is a place that people of all different perspectives can enjoy.  Whether you enjoy relaxing at a pub, window-shopping, or just strolling through the markets, Camden always has something entertaining to occupy your time.

When walking down the stone streets into the town of Camden, you will discover very bright colors all over the walls, shops, and unique graffiti pictures on the stone buildings. Most of the storefronts either have very shiny signs, or 3-D signs that pop out into the street with all kinds of products. One of the best parts about Camden is how unique everything is. Yes, there are those traditional England stores but then there are all other kinds of stores too. It could be a Hindu store that has handmade paintings or tapestries. There are even stores that are one of a kind with figures sticking out of the signs to captivate the shoppers. It is like nothing that you have every seen before; no wonder why the late Amy Winehouse called it home.


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Make sure that you check out the one of the two breweries that are in Camden Town, both of the breweries have plenty of options on either Indian Pale Ales or local brewed grains. They incorporate a very exciting, fun atmosphere while getting to know other people or becoming closer to the people you are traveling with. It is a great way to sit back and relax while socializing. The pubs are commonly placed on the rooftops in Camden so that is an experience in and of itself. Either way, a drinker or not, make sure that you continue to take in the scenery of the brewery town.

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No matter when you go, food is always a necessity to try. In Camden Town, no matter if you are a picky eater or will try anything and everything, there is something for everyone! There are different food groups all around the markets that have unique dishes so you won’t walk away hungry. If you are more into watching your weight and eating healthy, there are options for you also. You will definitely smell it before you reach it but there is freshly squeezed orange juice stands all over the markets. Right before you, inside the stand, you can watch the machine that is squeezing the juices out of the fruit.

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In addition, there are unique shops all over the place but there are also markets throughout the town too. These markets are a place to go through different kinds of booths, looking at one-of-a-kind pieces while enjoying the inexpensive prices and uniqueness of the environment. Whether you are interested in little goodies such as sterling silver rings, hand carved knives, traditional London made key chains or memorabilia t-shirts, and this is definitely a place to check out. In addition to that, one of the best parts about this market is that the owners of these small shops are huge barterers. They pride themselves on getting money for any of their items and by bartering with them; they find it like a game. So give it a shot. The worst that could happen is that you would have to pay the set price.

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All over London there are all kinds of popup markets but the wonderful part of Camden is that it is always there, year round. People are always going in and out and this place just north Westminster is a well-kept secret. Immerse yourself into more of the unique side of London, and you will be surprised with how much your perspective can change.


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2 responses to “Camden: A Hidden London Treasure”

  1. Connie OBrien says:

    Very interesting and insightful.

  2. GRANDPA GAULT says:

    Paige: Your Travelog of Camden Town was most interesting, It is a part of London I have never visited although I know the name from such writings as “the Forsyte Saga” but it has obviously changed emensely since those days.
    Love G’pa

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