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Challenge Accepted: 15 Things That Need To Be On Your College Bucket List

College is short! Make the most of it!

By: Renyelle Jimenez, Colgate University

When you’ve been in college for a while, your routine can be monotonous and repetitive. Spice up the rest of your time in college with these 15 Challenges for your College Bucket List.

1. Go on a date! It’s easy to keep things so casual at college that romance is quickly tossed out of the window. Don’t let that happen! If you want to go on a formal date with your significant other, do it! You’ll be glad you did.

2. Go to a lecture! I know you probably already go a ton required for your classes, but you should go to one that ISN’T required. It’s nice to learn for the sake of learning and going to lectures that you’re genuinely interested in can be a great way to do that. Last week, I put off a much needed nap to go hear   the South African Ambassador to the United States, Ebrahim Rasool, speak and I’m so glad I did.

3. Join the Student Government! The Student Government is a great way to get involved on campus and make real changes to student life. It’s also a fun way to work on various skills you’ll probably need in your career after you graduate!

4. Become friends with your favorite professors! Professors are more than people who assign you readings you may not want to do. They can be great friends who can open your eyes to endless opportunities if you inquire about them. Many of them have had interesting careers outside of the classroom and can be great resources to you when if you have a quarter life crisis toward the end of your college career.

5. Make a friend in every dorm! This is challenge requires some finesse if you go to a really large school, but it’s still worth trying! No party is off limits if you know someone in every residence hall.

6. Pull an all-nighter! Staying up all night to do work is pretty inevitable in college, but that doesn’t have to be the only reason you stay up. Try staying up all night doing something fun like binging on Netflix or participating in a charitable dance marathon. FYI: The “I Stayed Up All Night Writing A Paper All Nighter” will probably happen more than the dance marathon.

7. Participate in some form of campus media! This is especially relevant if you’re interested in a career in media after graduation, but it wouldn’t hurt to sharpen your writing skills by writing for the school newspaper. My friends and I guest starred on a radio show a few weeks ago and we had a great time!

8. Host a prospective student! Everyone was a prospie at one point so why not give back to your university’s hosting program and house a prospie of your own for a night? You’ll have the chance to brag about your school and help some high-school students narrow down their college choices.

9. Take a class in every academic building! This is easier for us small liberal arts college students, but it’s still an interesting challenge! Most students spend their first years at college filling out their dreaded distribution requirements, so why not make it a little more fun? Instead of looking at it negatively like I did, use it as an opportunity to see more of campus.

10. Be the school mascot…or at least take a picture with it! Most students at my school agree that our mascot is a little scary, but that didn’t stop my friend from taking the job and working the Raider costume at a few games! Having a friend in the mascot costume also greatly increases your chances of getting free t-shirts!

11. Go to 1 home game for every team! If you can find time to support every sports team on campus at least once, you can go on to level 2 and follow your favorite teams to their away campus off campus!

12. Crash a party! If you’re out on the weekend and see a party going on that you weren’t invited to, crash it! Sure you may get kicked out, but you’ll probably make some new friends and maybe even get invited to the next one!

13. Get off campus for a weekend! It’s easy to get comfortable in your college bubble, but there’s a big world out there and you need to see it! Take a road trip with your friends for the weekend to sight see or go to a conference. It’s refreshing to get away even if it’s just for 48 hours. DC is one of my favorite places to go to for the weekend.

14. Sleep in! I’m not advocating truancy, but I AM saying you look tired and could use a few more hours of shut-eye! Turn off that alarm and skip class tomorrow morning. You deserve it (assuming you haven’t skipped 4 classes already this semester!).

Last, but not least…

15. STUDY ABROAD! I studied abroad in 2 very different countries during my entire junior year in college and it was the best decision I ever made. You probably won’t have another time in your life when you can just drop what you’re doing and travel the world so do it now! You don’t have any real excuses! It’s so rewarding on so many levels and you’ll be a better person because of it.

Renyelle Jimenez

Colgate Univeristy | 6 stories

Renyelle is a Senior and Peace & Conflict Studies major at Colgate University who still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. What she does know is that she loves learning about people all over the world and she will accept any and all opportunities to travel to places she's never been.

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