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City Guide To Östersund, Sweden

What To Do In Östersund, Sweden

Östersund, Sweden is small city in mid Sweden. From Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, it is located about an hour by flight and five hours by train. It is located in Sweden’s Jämtland province with a small population of 45,000. The city boasts of snowy winters and long, beautiful summer where the sun doesn’t set. Although it is no Stockholm, Oslo, or Copenhagen, this Scandinavian city is worth a trip. If and when you end up there, here are a couple things to do, see, and eat.

What to See: 

1. City Hall

Östersund’s city hall is quite possibly the city’s biggest attraction. It is hard to miss as it is large and just as beautiful (see above). It’s a short walk(about 5 mins) from the city’s center.

2. Mitt Universitet

Mitt Universitet, also known as Mid Sweden University, is a Swedish state university with three locations, one being in Ostersund. It is Ostersund’s only university and is a university many students raised in Stockholm choose to go to. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from the city center and is definitely worth the trip. Unlike the typical US college campus we’re all used to. I mean, look at it.

helen haile ostersund image

Mid Sweden University-Ostersund

3. Lake Storsjön

Lake Storsjön is one of the things that make Östersund peaceful. A short walk from the city center, the area has benches that make for a great Sunday afternoon. The views across the lake don’t get anymore Scandinavian. Frösön, the largest island in the lake, is seen directly across.

ostersund image

Lake Storsjön View from Ostersund

4. City Center

Last but not least is the city center. Although Östersund is quite small, the city’s center gets quite busy and has plenty of shopping to keep you busy. If shopping isn’t your thing, the least you could do is visit a Swedish H&M, because when in Sweden do as the Swedish? On behalf of all millennial women, thank you Hennes & Mauritz.

Eat and Drink Here:

Pause: Hamng. 17

Pause is located near the Östersund central bus terminal. It’s a small, modern restaurant with pasta and traditional Swedish dishes. While you’re there you might as well cross off the traditional dish of baked potato with Skagenröra. Skagenröra translated is “Stir of Skagen”. It is a traditional Swedish shrimp mixed comprised of ingredients such as mayonnaise, lemon, horseradish, and créme fraîche.


helen haile swedish food image

Pasta and Baked Potato with Skagenröra

Sibylla: Gustav III:s torg

Sibylla is a popular fast food chain found in Sweden and Finland. They serve french fries, hamburgers, chicken, etc. It’s no Skagenröra, but if you’re exploring Östersund and in need of something quick, make the meal count and try a Scandinavian chain.

Espresso House: Prästgatan 30

You didn’t think I’d leave out the coffee did you? You can always count on me to find the coffee my friends. Östersund only has two coffee shops, Espresso House being the popular and central of the two. Espresso House is located in the city center and has outdoor and indoor seating. The coffee isn’t shabby either(jk its really good).

helen haile ostersund image

Espresso House

Things to Know:

Östersund’s public transportation system is sparse to say the least. Unless you’re staying out of the way, expect to get into and see the city on foot. If you are staying out of the way, there is a a busing system.

There are rental bikes around the city so you can also see the city by bike!

Because of Östersund’s geography in Sweden, the sun tends to not set over the summer so feel free to wander and explore at late hours.

Östersund may not be first on your travel bucket list but it is a city worth a shot and if you find yourself here, take in the beautiful summer weather, enjoy an afternoon by the lake, and be at one with the city!

City Guide to Östersund, Sweden

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