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College Girls’ Day Out: LA Luxe

If you’re not visiting LA for the first time, and you can stand to forgo the typical tourist stops, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself immensely.

If you visit a couple times a year or once every few years this is a guide for you. While Rodeo can be fun to visit, and the Third Street Promenade is frequently recommended, the regular places are overwhelmingly crowded and often underwhelming.

My first priority when I visit LA is brow maintenance. There’s only one place to go: Anastasia Brows. There are two locations: one is in Brentwood and the other is in Beverly Hills. I tend to avoid Beverly Hills if I can help it because of the traffic. Anastasia is known for perfecting the fuller brow and you will never have to fear about walking out of one of her salons with the awful pencil thin brows some places are trained to give you. An appointment with Anastasia herself is very expensive and the aestheticians are excellent so it is not necessary to book the famous woman herself. Some people may be aware that several Nordstroms have Anastasia branches in their stores, but as someone who has been to the Nordstroms Anastasia and the real Anastasia they are not comparable. The Nordstroms appointments last maybe five minutes and the quality is far from that of the west coast salons. I highly recommend getting your brows done at an Anastasia location because the quality and result is unparalleled.

For great shopping with a west coast vibe go to the Malibu country mart. It’s never terribly crowded and the selection of shops is superb. It’s a favorite of the Kardashians. There are several designer shops you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else: Earnest Sewn, James Perse, and Lanvin. There are also your LA basics Kitson and Intermix. Unfortunately the Nobu that used to be in the country mart closed, but in its place a Mr. Chow’s is being built. I can spend hours at the Malibu country mart because there is great food (Crumb’s cupcakes) and stores for home goods, clothing, and children.

For breakfast, brunch, or a snack visit Huckleberry. The enormous line is worth it. Huckleberry has the best baked goods and the freshest ingredients. Even when at its most crowded you can nearly always get seating. Huckleberry is mostly salads, sandwiches, and other lunch fare.

My favorite dessert place is unusual and very difficult to explain. Blockheads is located right off of Sawtelle and serves only one thing. Imagine shaved ice but made from frozen sweet milk. They have “ice” flavors such as green tea, black sesame, and peppermint mocha. And then the toppings are similar to a froyo bar but with more asian influence. They offer mochi, rice cakes, and boba. Delicious even when you’re completely full!

Picture via Blockhead's Shavery

Picture via Blockhead’s Shavery

LA is always fun to visit because there are always new places opening up. Even if it means your old favorites have been boarded up, there is something fresh replacing it. Dare to venture out and visit neighborhoods you haven’t been to: maybe the Palisades or the Brentwood area. LA has a lot to offer and the more you are willing to explore the better time you’ll have.



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