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College Tour Guide Gives Families the Scoop on U Del Campus

One Student Tells us What it’s Like to Give College Campus Tours

By Leslie Grignon, University of Delaware.

I really enjoy being a tour guide here at UD. There is a sense of pride and happiness I get when I lead families around this beautiful campus and a student comes up to me and says, “I know I want to come here now.” To be a tour guide, or what we call a Blue Hen Ambassador here at the University of Delaware, you have to be able to not only memorize large amounts of information, but also be able to communicate with families and potential students from multiple backgrounds and regions.  On tour, I have encountered varying students who are all in search for a different college experience. Even though I am an art history major, I give tours to prospective engineers, biologists, writers, and nurses. This university is an interdisciplinary community. As a tour guide, I have to work to represent the university as a whole while providing accurate information to these visitors.

U Del Campus 2

The Beautiful University of Delaware Campus

Over spring break, I gave multiple tours. The most exciting part of this whole experience is when I get to show families from Illinois around campus. It’s so rare to find visitors from the Land of Lincoln, so when I do, I try my best to not only represent my university well, but my home state well too. I think they appreciate getting the perspective of a student who moved away from the Midwest and came to the east coast, where let’s face it, not a lot of Illinoisans reside. Whenever I get to interact with these families, I always make it a point to speak to the students directly and try to address their largest concerns and worries about this transition. Answering their questions honestly and reassuring them that this transition is not only possible but can be fun is probably my favorite part of being a Blue Hen Ambassador.

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are: Where is the best place to live on campus? Are club sports and intramurals popular here, if so, how do I get involved? How big is Greek life on campus?” Is this a dry campus/tobacco free? How are the parties? (Usually, dads always want to know the inside scoop on the party scene.) Is the campus safe? Is it hard to get the classes you need/is it difficult to switch my major? Am I allowed to bring a car as a freshman? Additionally, I often get asked what my favorite aspects of the University are, what made me choose this school, and what other universities I was considering.

blue hen ambassador badge

Besides all the serious stuff, I’ve met some great people while being involved in this program. Not only do I get to spend more time at the Admissions office, which I love, I am slowly becoming a part of an amazing social community on campus. In addition to that, I have recently landed my summer job in the admissions office as a Summer Blue Hen Ambassador. It is a full time job where I will be doing any and all student jobs within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions here at UD. I am super excited to have this opportunity! So, this summer, I will be living in my new off campus apartment while working close to 40 hours a week. I am looking forward to a summer of hard work, making new friends, interior design, weekends at the beach, and hopefully a week or two to make it back to the Windy City.


Leslie Grignon

University of Delaware | 2 stories

My name is Leslie Grignon. I am 20 years old (sophomore) originally from Chicago, IL. I am a student at the University of Delaware (class of 2015) majoring in Art History with a minor in History. I work extensively in the Admissions office here at UD along with being involved in our Social Media Ambassadors program, where a group of students comes up with online content for Delaware's Facebook and Twitter communities. I love to cook, write, hike, take photos, travel, blog, laugh, and learn new things!

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  1. […] College Tour Guide Gives Families the Scoop on U Del Campus […]

  2. […] College Tour Guide Gives Families the Scoop on U Del Campus […]

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