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“Stand at the finish line on Marathon Monday”  By: Sweet Tea & Sass

Yesterday was perfect…absolutely perfect. If you have never lived in Boston, it is hard to explain exactly what Marathon Monday is. While the rest of the country reports for just another Monday at work, Massachusetts shuts down to celebrate the beautiful city that we call home. Schools are closed. Few report to work. If you are a college student, you wake up, chug a few beers, and go cheer on the runners and chug some more beers. If you are a child, you put on your Red Sox gear and head to Fenway Park or a barbecue. Marathon Monday is so… (read more)

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“Be fearlessly authentic” By: The Chelsea Way

I was discussing with some of my classmates recently about the concept of authenticity and blogging (or any form of social media, really). I have said in the past that there is admirably in presenting yourself authentically through your blog or other social media outlets. As I said this, I realized that I wasn’t being entirely authentic myself. I realized I often aim to present the best version of myself or discuss clothes and beauty products. And while I value those things and take pride in sharing my knowledge about fashion through my blog, I also want to discuss real and relevant topics with my readers. A blog shouldn’t be a one way street; It should be a platform on which authentic relationships can… (read more)

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“Mind full of Being Mindful”  By: Flair Code

Have you ever caught yourself constantly thinking about something? How about catch your thoughts spinning out of control? Life in general can be overwhelming, but when both your inside and outside environments are cluttered…let the hair pulling begin.  I was able to take my work outside, snapping around my old stomping grounds for a client, which presented me with an opportunity for local tourism that proved to be beneficial in… (read more)

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 Things I learned About Myself From a Semester Abroad  By: MorganJuraco

When I moved to Spain for a semester, I knew no one. No one. It was scary and intimidating, and at first, lonely. I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed being alone. But it took studying abroad to realize that while I may like to be alone sometimes, to watch tv or read a book, I didn’t know how to actually be alone. Studying abroad has been an amazing experience: I’ve seen incredible places, met great people from across the world, and eaten some delicious food. Despite all of that though, the most valuable thing I have gained from this… (read more)

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LONDON: The Cinema, Tea and the Zoo  By: Out and About

This is my first weekend in a long time (since Valentine’s Day) that I’m not out of the country! Until my parents arrive on the 19th, I’m free to explore London! Classes have been out for a week now, so my friends and I have been filling our time with little London activities that were on our London bucket lists.  On Thursday, I met up with Sheila and Matt at Primark. Primark is a huge department store that I think of as a mix between Forever 21, H&M, and Wal-Mart. It has everything from clothes to sunscreen to suitcases, it’s wildly unorganized, and…  (read more)

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The Amazon: No Internet and a Whole Lot of Bugs  By: Molly is Pretending to be Global

Flying into Puerto Maldonado was, first of all, an experience in and of itself. The engine during take off kept sputtering, which probably had something to do with the fact that we were on an airplane that looked like it was from the 1960s, and as we began our descent, we were completely whited-out while we continued to drop altitude. Our “landing” felt more like crashing as we hit the ground with astounding speed and everyone was thrown forward from their chairs. Luckily, we… (read more)

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When Alpine Hipsters go Nordic: Adventure (Park) Time Part 3 By Travvel Sized

As a skier and a hipster, I pride myself on the fact that I am not a snowboarder for several reasons (to keep things short and sweet, I’ve cut it down to just 6 for you – which is waaaaay less than “several”):  1)    2 legs –> 2 skis = sensible BUT 2 legs –> 1 board = nonsensical; my legs are (also) hipsters, they don’t like to conform to what the… (read more)

snowy road

Networking, Southern Style  By: Viatic Courture

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Charlotte, NC for a networking trip with Scripps PRSSA. After weeks of obnoxiously frigid weather here in Ohio, I was more than eager to get away to the sunny south for a weekend. More importantly, though, I knew i was going to make great connections with professionals in the industry – an absolute must at this crucial time in… (read more)


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