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Traveling in a Pinch By ‘Flair Code’

Ever pack your bag thinking it’s fully-stocked with all the essentials, only to later realize that you forgot the one thing you could have used at that exact moment that you need to be using it? Let’s get real here: we can’t possibly fit every•single•thing we need into a bag when we’re out-and-about, especially if you’re rocking this new trend. (I still don’t get it.) For instance, I have…(read more


50 Little Life Lessons I Learned In College By Morganjuraco’

1. It’s better to be the person that says “hello” and is ignored than the person that avoids eye contact. 2. Sometimes loyalty is the only quality you need in a friend.  Forget similar interests or… (read more)


Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. By Sweet Tea and Sass

While I find it mildly amusing that florals are always “on trend” for spring, I can never really gravitate away from them when it comes to push and shove. There is truly nothing groundbreaking about florals for spring, but… (read more)

5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mom By Viatic Couture

In my almost 20 years on earth, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and being inspired by many amazing women in my life. On my mother’s side, there’s my godmother, who I truly consider to be a modern-day living, breathing saint… (read more)

Roommates=Love By WanderLoveee

Prior to deciding to study abroad, I was really nervous about the whole going there alone thing. I consider myself pretty social and I never really have an issue meeting people, but something about going and living in a different country without knowing anyone…(read more)

Les Fabulous- My View on Met Gala 2014 By Pink is the wildest colour

Sometimes I feel obligated to post about something just because so many other bloggers are posting about it, and the details of the fashion world is one of those subjects…read more)

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Ashley Mungiguerra

Hofstra University | 15 stories

Ashley is a Journalism and Political Science double major and double minor in French and European Studies at Hofstra University in New York, but she was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is an avid reader, writer, and lover of old movies, NYC, and anything French. She is a member of Zeta Phi Eta, a pre-professional communications co-ed fraternity, a modern dance company, and a campus tour guide. Her dream job is to work as a TV news anchor for a major network.

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