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College Tourist Global Writer’s Roundup (May 9, 2014)

What’s New Around the World From Our Global Writer’s Network

I’ve Got a Spring in my Step By Sweet Tea and Sass’

Now I’m pretty confident when I say that my favorite time of the year is when it’s warm enough to wear open-toed shoes. My boots earned a record-breaking six months of full-time wear this year, and I’d never been more excited to pack them up for the next few months… (read more)  

LONDON: The Eye, Changing of the Guards, Wicked, & Greenwich” By: Out and About

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had more time to explore London and cross some things off my study abroad bucket list. When my parents visited, we had a few solid days to explore the London tourist attractions… (read more)

“Photo journal: April” By: The Chelsea Way

I know I’m a little late on this post… but I wanted to share some of my favorite instagram’s from the month of April! Despite how stressful last month was, I captured some really great moments… (read more)

“Dating Abroad: Lucky in Love vs. Looking for Love” By: WanderLoveee

It is rumored that a decent size percent of us meet their significant others in college. This means, that many people study abroad with a boyfriend or girlfriend back in the states… (read more

“Être française aux États-Unis: Interview with Stéfanie Nunes” By: Molly is Pretending to be Global

Hey there everyone. I am currently on an interview kick at the moment, with my most recent interview being with my French roommate, Stéfaine Nunes. This post was also originally featured on The College Tourist, so check it out there if you are so inclined… (read more)

“10 Reasons Why My Mom is Awesome” By: Pink is the Wildest Colour 

Psychology says that children try to do all the things that they believe would have rescued their parents. I cannot express how painfully true this theory is… (read more

Broken Bones, Mexican Drug Cartels and Key Lime Pie (AKA My Welcome to Kelowna) By: Travvel Sized

To bring the ski season to a crashing halt, my (older but neither wiser nor more mature) boyfriend decided to attempt an XL jump in the park of Big White Ski Resort. Without looking back, he punted himself off the jump, realized he had been going at a breakneck speed… (read more)

Ashley Mungiguerra

Hofstra University | 15 stories

Ashley is a Journalism and Political Science double major and double minor in French and European Studies at Hofstra University in New York, but she was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is an avid reader, writer, and lover of old movies, NYC, and anything French. She is a member of Zeta Phi Eta, a pre-professional communications co-ed fraternity, a modern dance company, and a campus tour guide. Her dream job is to work as a TV news anchor for a major network.

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