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Greece: Athens and Crete By ‘Out and About

Hannah and Braelynne, my friends from home, arrived in London just over a week ago. We had about 24 hours  ithe city before we had to get up and head to Greece. We left on Thursday morning and caught a bus to Stansted… (read more)


How I De-Stress By ‘Sweet Tea and Sass

To say I’ve been under a lot of stress over the past couple of months would be a pretty big understatement. I’m working my full-time job, a second part-time job, and managing my blog… (read more)


Travel Updates By ‘Hepburn and Handbags

Hello! I promised I would reveal my travel plans and here they are! In June, I will be headed to…*drum roll please*… (read more)


Hostel 101 By ‘WanderLoveee

Along with all of the traveling you do while you are abroad, many people experience things for the first time. Hostel life is usually on that list because hostels aren’t as popular in the States… (read more)


Wine-ing Around Kelowna’s Vineyards By ‘Travvel Sized

It’s a well-known rule that anyone who takes a trip to Kelowna has to visit at least 4 wineries before they’re allowed to leave. Since I had plans to move out to (spoiler alert:) Whistler, I was faced with the difficult task of choosing which of Kelowna’s 30 wineries… (read more)

Ashley Mungiguerra

Hofstra University | 15 stories

Ashley is a Journalism and Political Science double major and double minor in French and European Studies at Hofstra University in New York, but she was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is an avid reader, writer, and lover of old movies, NYC, and anything French. She is a member of Zeta Phi Eta, a pre-professional communications co-ed fraternity, a modern dance company, and a campus tour guide. Her dream job is to work as a TV news anchor for a major network.

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