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College Tourist Student Guide to Ibiza

A great weekend trip during a study abroad program in Spain

Ibiza is known as one of the major summer vacation destinations for Europeans. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and is the third largest island of the Balearic Islands. The name Ibiza was given by the Greeks, and it means “pine islands”. Although very commercially developed now, this place makes for a great weekend trip for anyone on a study abroad program in Spain.

Ibiza draws in so many tourists because of its beautiful beaches, 5-star hotels and famous nightlife. During the day, beach bars and clubs will hold parties with hundreds of people, and at night some of the nightclubs will have more than 10,000 people. Ibiza holds the title as the ‘clubbing capital of the world’; during the summer it hosts some of the largest clubbing events. While it may sound like Ibiza is a place that is extremely crazy all the time, the beaches are so large it isn’t too hard to find a nice tranquil area to enjoy the calm waters and some sun. Many people check out the Dalt Vila, known as Ibiza’s Upper Town. This small city is enclosed with many different museums, cathedrals, restaurants and shops. Today, the Island of Ibiza is divided into five provinces: Eivissa the capital; Santa Eulária, Sant Antoni, Sant Josep and Sant Joan.


Before Arriving:

Before any student decides to take a trip to Ibiza, it is crucial to plan out the trip ahead of time. Make it a goal to not only save money but to also have a set itinerary of what to do upon arrival. When looking online for hotels or packages, many people may notice the large amount of Ibiza weekend packages for students. If a student is traveling on a budget, DO NOT sign up with one of the packages (ex: Ibiza Weekenders). These packages are money-making schemes that charge over $200 to place students in cheap hostels for the weekend. The program claims to have many different events included, but most events “included” in the program are open free to the public. It is much cheaper for students to book their own hotel and figure out their own itinerary for the weekend. On top of hotel booking, booking a weekend flight to Ibiza can be a bit confusing with the many different price ranges of airlines. Students should try to book their flight in advance as early as possible, because the price of flights will increase dramatically closer to the planned weekend trip!

What To Wear:

Do not bring too many nice clothes to Ibiza, most people spend their days on the beaches and walk around town in their bathing suits and a cover-up. Save the nice clothes for dinner and nightlife!

What To See:

Ibiza’s beautiful beaches: Ibiza has so many beaches to choose from, anyone can find what they are looking for. Cala Vadella beach is perfect for anyone who is looking for nice long walks on the beach, while Playa d’en Bossa is more for the person who is looking for a beach party. Bora Bora beach club in Playa d’en Bossa is a popular attraction for tourists to visit because of their good music and lively atmosphere located right on the beach!

Eivissa Dalt Vila: This is the oldest part of town in which the local government has claimed as a protected area. Phoenicians founded this place at the end of seventh century. The entire area is blocked in with Renaissance defensive walls. In the past, this was where soldiers would stand to fight off enemies. The place has amazing views and is made with all cobbled streets that give off the medieval time period feeling. There are many places tourists can check out when visiting Dalt Vila, such as great restaurants, art galleries and handmade craft shops.

Beach Clubs and Pools: While there are many beach clubs students can check out in Ibiza, there are a variety of some that are pricey and some that are free entry. Kanya Beach Resort, located in San Antonio, is free entry on the weekends. This beach club gives off a fun and relaxed atmosphere with DJ’s playing great music, chairs for tanning and a great sized pool to swim in. For anyone who decides they want to swim in the ocean and not a pool, the water is 10 feet away from the club!

 Check out the Caves:Take a trip to San Miguel and explore the caves formed over 100,000 years ago. Caves Can Marca, are located to the north of Ibiza in Port de San Miguel. They were originally discovered by smugglers, and used during the Spanish Civil War by arms dealers. The Caves are now completely safe and have been improved with lighting for the tourist attractions. Entrance fee is less than 10 euros per person.

The Hippie Market:Happens in Es Cana on Wednesdays and San Carlos on Saturdays, you can buy crafts, jewelry, art and small souvenirs from the local hippies on the island.

Fun For Free:

Check out the small beach, Cala Conta. This is one of the less developed beaches in Ibiza, but has a long rock coastline with small coves and hidden spots to be discovered.

Where to Eat:

La Bodega:

This small restaurant located in Ibiza town serves traditional Spanish tapas. The prices are affordable and food arrives moderately fast after ordering. The small restaurant gives off a hip Spanish atmosphere.

Villa Mercedes:

Located on a small marina front in San Antonio, a great Mediterranean restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful outside seating and has live music almost every night.

After Dark:

Amnesia: known as the best global club of Ibiza, the club can pack more than 5,000 people on the dance floors. The club is located on the highway outside of Sant Antonio, and can be accessed by taxi.

Sankeys: located in Playa D’en Bossa, is a 1500 person club with a fully lit LED screen ceiling that vibrates to the music playing on the dance floor. The club plays tech house music, and will occasionally host popular live performers.


Ibiza has a bus service, but most busses will only run every hour and unless a tourist is familiar with the schedule, it can be very difficult to catch a bus in time. The easiest, yet most pricey way to get around is by Taxi. Although it is expensive, filling the cab and splitting the cost with 3 other people can make it a bit more affordable. Luckily Ibiza isn’t too large of an area and the taxi drivers are known for driving quickly.

Local Knowledge:

When eating out at night, most locals don’t eat before 10:30 pm.

Locals know where to go for the best beaches, including the lost beach of Ibiza, Atlantis. It’s location remains a secret, but the rumor is it is located near Cala d’Hort and  the Torre de Savinar.

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