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The Route Less Travelled: Calabria and Puglia – World Wandererss

Every summer thousands of travelers from around the world flock to Europe in search of the classic backpacker or traveler experience. Although big cities such as Paris or Rome each offer their unique beauty, these are beauties many eyes have seen and cameras have captured. I think it’s fair to say we all love the roads less traveled. A place where you can truly become a local, experiencing and savoring the authentic delicacies it has to offer….(read more)

Laid Back and Relaxed – A Painted Journey


After spending every weekend so far since I have been here traveling, I was extremely happy to spend some time in Florence and the Tuscan region. Friday my friends and I decided to walk around Florence aimlessly and explore some back areas of Florence. We wandered into the hills filled with large villas and breath taking views. After a while, and very out of breath, we arrived at Piazza Michelangelo…(read more)

Paris “To-Eat” List – Alex Goes to Europe


We are reaching the final stages of planning our three week travel marathon and I am getting super excited (full itinerary will be released soon). I especially can’t wait to visit Paris again and get to enjoy in moderation binge eat [hopefully] all of my favourite pastries…(read more)

The Best Thing About Ireland – College Cosmopolitan


My friends are taking off for Ireland in a couple of days, and in the moments when I’m not completely jealous, I’m overcome with excitement for them. love Ireland. If Ireland were a person we would be best friends. I dreamt of visiting since I was young, and this past summer I finally got to go! I spent a week taking in every stunning sight, experiencing the colorful culture, adventuring on the edge of cliffs and exploring the ins and outs of ancient castles. It was the most magical week of my life, and so so so much better than I even imagined it would be….(read more)

Why Edinburgh Should Be Your Next Destination – Little Things Travel Blog


More than a thousand years of history, mystery, and tradition have shaped Edinburgh into the Scottish city it is today. The city offers plenty to do no matter what type of traveler you are or who you’re traveling with. Read on to get lost in Edinburgh’s enchantment and find inspiration to start planning your next trip….(read more)

An Ode to the Galapagos Sea Lion – Travvel Sized

Along my worldly travels, I’ve found that one thing people tend to get pretty passionate about is making sure you know the difference between certain types of animals. If you’re in northern Canada, don’t call the massive horned creatures Buffalo, they’re Bison. If you’re in the amazon, don’t scream “Leopard!!”, it’s a jaguar. If you’re in the Galapagos and lounging on the beach with a huge pinniped, it’s not a seal, it’s a sea lion….(read more)

In Bruges (And Brussels) – Hepburn and Handbags


Continuing with our whirlwind trip to Belgium, here’s the pictures from Bruges and Brussels! Like Ghent, we knew very little about Bruges, other than the fact that people kept saying we needed to visit. To tell the truth, I definitely prefer Ghent over Bruges. Yes, Bruges is beautiful and old, but Ghent is so medieval and unique compared to most other cities…(read more)

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