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Interesting Video About Maps That’ll Blow Your Mind – Go Seek Explore

I can stare at a map for a long time, daydreaming about where I want to go in the world. I already knew that maps aren’t quite to scale, but this interesting video shows just how not-to-scale they really are. For example, Madagascar is larger than the UK and takes up the size of a few states in the US…(read more)


April – Hepburn and Handbags

My favorite month is finally here!!! I did a big post last year at the beginning of April and it amazes me to see how much has changed…it seems like it was just a few months ago! Number 5 on my list was about waiting to hear back from Amsterdam…and look how things turned out…(read more)


Making the Most of Dublin, Ireland – Little Things Travel Blog

Photo by Jim Nix via

The luck of the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day are some things that may come to mind when thinking about Dublin, or Ireland in general. However, there is a lot more to Dublin than these popular notions. Visiting a city that makes is simple to navigate, easy to find affordable accommodation, and has lots of fun activities and festivals makes Dublin an ideal destination for all types of travelers…(read more)


Semana Santa – The Abroad Diaries

April is HUGE in Sevilla. The city happens to be home of one of the world’s most important Holy Week (Semana Santa) celebrations as well as one of the biggest spring festivals, Fería de Abril (April Fair). Because these are significant holidays of Andalucían (regional) culture, we get two spring breaks: one during Semana Santa and the other during Fería. Most of the other international students took this week to travel- some to Amsterdam, others Prague, others to beaches in Portugal and islands off the coast of Spain. I decided to stay home and experience Semana Santa with some day trips to nearby sites I’d yet to see. I’ll be away next weekend and after that for almost all of Fería (Paris and London!!) so I wanted to balance out some of the traveling days…(read more)


The 40 Day Vegetarian – Viatic Couture


Let’s get theological for a moment, shall we? I am far from a practicing Catholic. I’ve been to Mass twice in the past three years (once for a wedding, once for a funeral) despite having grown up with the church and even attending parochial school from kindergarten through eighth grade. With that being said, there are still many aspects of my faith that are important to me, even if I’m not the best at making it to church, and one of those things is the idea of sacrifice and self-control that is present throughout the 40 days of Lent. For several years now, I’ve made an attempt to give something up, with varying degrees of success (last year it was chocolate, so anyone who knows me could probably guess how that turned out)…(read more)


To Pass or not to Pass: I Amsterdam City Pass – World Wandererss


For some a pass that offers unlimited access to a variety of museums, and attractions might be exactly what they want when visiting a new city. For others not so much. So how do you know if the I Amsterdam Pass is right for you?Well, this post is designed to help you decide if the I Amsterdam City Pass is right for you, and your trip to Amsterdam….(read more)


The Only Guest at Luvattumaa – Girl vs Globe


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen…Unless you are just passing through planet Earth on your way to another galaxy (in which case – hi, thanks for checking out my blog while you’re at it!) you are probably familiar with the opening line which I borrowed from “Let It Go”. What you are probably less familiar is the mysterious-sounding word luvattumaa…(read more)


A Guide to Towers in Prague – Progression of Happiness


I think I’ve said it a million times by now, but there’s nothing like the view over top of a European city. Prague is famous for its red roofs and my biggest priority for my 3 days in the city was to climb as many towers as I could. When I entered my first tower of the trip, the Czech attendant enthusiastically spoke French to me once he learned I was from Canada – it’s so cool to think that we were communicating in each of our second languages. He explained that I could either pay individually for each tower I wanted to climb or pay for a tower pass that gained me admission to 7: after some quick math to make sure it was worth it I purchased a student tower pass. I literally can’t find anything online about this pass, which explains why I had no idea it was an option! There’s very clear signage in several languages inside every tower, though, so just ask for whatever is the best deal for your plans. I visited every tower on my pass, so here’s a guide to towers in Prague…(read more)

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