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College Tourist’s 10 Best of 2013

Check out the best and most popular articles on College Tourist for 2013.


20 fashion must haves20 Must Have Fashion Items for Every College Girls Wardrobe.

By: The College Tourist

From your LBD to the motorcycle jacket and fedora, include these staple wardrobe items in your campus closet & be ready for anything.



Travel While You’re Young, Why You Cannot Afford NOT To

By: Angela Strohbeck, San Diego State University
An exploration into the importance of traveling at a young age and some suggestions on how to finance it.


shanghiLife in the Concrete…Village

By: Jessica Hwang, Colgate University

You can’t make a small town seem big but you can make a big town feel small.  “When you move to China, are you going to live in a village?”


Christmas Ball10 Things to Know Before You Study Abroad in the UK

By Jordan Harris, University of Leeds, UK.

British humor, fashion, the weather…and what is Freshers Week. Find out here as UK’s own Jordan Harris lays it all out.


student spring break packing list

Student Spring Break Packing List for Girls

By: Travel Fashion Girl, Alexandra Jimenez

After spending all winter in the classroom, this student spring break packing list is gonna help you pack for your big trip in style, so you can focus your attention on having fun!


grad-cap 2

15 Things To Do Before You Die– Er, Graduate

By Emma White, Syracuse University

A College Bucket List to ensure that you make the most of the best years of your life…but don’t forget to Graduate!!


camel riding

Semester at Sea: How I Saw the World

By Jessica Smith, College of William & Mary

Semester at Sea. What makes it stand out? You travel to 8 to 11 countries. On a renovated cruise ship! With 500 other university students from around the globe. Oh Yeah!


Brett - College tourist blog 3 picture 3 cropped

Tips and Reflections from a Study Abroad Senior

By Brett Vergara, St. John Fisher College, New York.

Student Advice for those Preparing to Study Abroad in London



Table mountain study abroad south africa image

 3 Steps to Become the Best Version of Yourself on Study Abroad

By: Rebecca Hennelly, Tulane University

Want to remember the familiarity found in a culture so different from your own. Embrace your role as an individual in a world full of opportunity to participate.



6 Things I Wish I had Known Before Coming Home

By Terah Summers, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

A little tough love from one traveler to another, sharing the experience with reverse culture shock and how to deal with it.

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