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Guide to Barcelona Nightlife

The best bars and nightclubs for study abroad students in Barcelona

What many college tourists will soon realize after spending some time in Barcelona is that it is a city that never sleeps! From 10 p.m. dinners, arriving at nightclubs at 1 a.m., and finishing the night around 5 a.m., it is hard to understand when the locals ever have time to sleep. Barcelona nightlife is a wonder of its own that every person who takes a trip to Europe should get to experience. The trendy atmosphere, great music and perfect mixture of people make any night out one to remember. The nightclubs are unlike anything in the United States and are always a fun experience. There are so many different types of bars and clubs to visit every type of person will find their own favorite place. Here is a list of a few bars and nightclubs that are worth the visit!


Some famous clubs (discotecas) are located in Barcelona and are a great way to experience the unique nightlife! The clubs have great music; some nights the clubs will even have live performers! They are the perfect place to go for anyone looking to dance all night long.

Opium Barcelona: located right off the beach in Barceloneta, this club is very popular for tourists. Although not many locals will be spotted in this area, people from all over the world come to Barcelona and dance in the nightclub. This place has a huge dance floor and plays mostly pop and house music. This is one of the places with a very strict dress code, girls have to have a platform on their shoes and guys need to wear button down shirts. The entry fee is 20 euros but, if tourists sign their name up on the guest list online in advance and arrive before a certain time they get in for free.

Razzmatazz: An extremely popular club in a huge warehouse located on Carrer dels Almogavers. Razzmatazz gives off a steel and industrial feel on the inside playing rock music in the center room and house music in others. It is very common to see young locals dancing to the rock music throughout the club. The club needs to be accessed by cab which can get pretty pricey, but splitting the cost between a few people makes it more affordable. This club is not as strict on dress code as some of the other places in Barceloneta and the entrance fee is slightly cheaper.

CDLC: Stands for the Carpe Diem Lounge Club and is also located in Barceloneta. This is a smaller club than Razzmatazz and Opium, but is just as fun! CLDC has beautiful Balinese décor including a large Buddha statue that sits on the outside deck. Inside, the entire back wall is lined with white couches and canopies for people who want to sit and relax. The dance floor is always packed with people dancing to more house and pop music. Many celebrities have been known to spend time in CDLC, just recently the band One Direction spent the night in their VIP section. The cover charge for this club is also pricey, but the online guest list gives people free entry up to a certain time.

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Barcelona Bars:

Much different from the nightclubs open till 6am, the bars in Spain are much more laidback, and are meant for people to just relax and have a good time. Most bars are open between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. While there are dozens of bars in Barcelona, the ones listed below are popular among tourists and attract younger crowds.


Dow Jones: located in L’Eixample and has a drink purchasing concept based on a stock market. The menus are on computer screens all across the top of the bar listing the name and price of each drink (formatted to look like stock prices). Each time a person buys a drink the price slightly increases until the stock market crashes, making each drink extremely cheap for purchasing. The entire bar is decorated with a Wall Street theme.This is not a place to go if someone is looking to meet locals because many study abroad students and Americans visit this bar, but the place has a neat concept that should be experienced by any tourist!

Espit Chupitos: Barcelona actually has two Chupito bars, one located in L’Eixample and another located in Barri Gotic. These bars also have unique concepts, it is strictly a shots bar with over 600 different shots available (Chupitos mean shots in Spanish). For the bar tenders, presentation is everything. Many of the shots involve lighting the bar on fire! One of their best sellers is called a “boy scout”, where the bar tender lights the bar on fire and the customer roasts a marshmallow in the fire then cools the marshmallow by sticking it in their shot. Prices are very reasonable and the shots average around 2 euros each.

George Payne: The biggest Irish bar in Barcelona and can be located a few blocks from the Urquinaona exit. This bar gives off an American sports feel and for anyone missing a game back home this bar will most likely be playing it! They have tons of TV’s playing American sports and other popular sports from around the world. It is typically a younger crowd of people from many different countries. I visited this bar during the USA vs. Germany soccer game and it was packed wall to wall with people from many different countries wanting to see the game. There is no entry fee and drinks are a reasonable price as well.

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