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College Tourist’s Readers’ Choice: 15 Great Reads from 2015

So many fabulous articles this year! Here’s 15 great reads to fuel your wanderlust for 2016:

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12 Things Not to Miss In Zanzibar

There are fewer African names more attractive and magical than Zanzibar.

There are fewer African names more attractive and magical than Zanzibar. Turquoise sea, palm-packed beaches, timeless fishing villages and the smell of exotic spices make Zanzibar to a magical and unique travel destination.  Zanzibar consists of two large islands, plus several smaller ones. The two large islands are Unguja (usually called Zanzibar Island) and Pemba. Today Zanzibar is home of a million Swahili people. Islam is the dominant religion. But over the centuries these islands have known many cultures. Zanzibar was one of the world`s great trading hubs, making it a melting pot of African, Indian and Arabic influences. (read more)



Top 10 Rookie Study Abroad Mistakes

Your guide to avoiding the most common and overlooked slip-ups while spending a semester abroad.

The semester I lived in Europe was without a doubt the best time I’ve spent in college. While I had more fun than I could’ve ever anticipated, I also made my fair share of slip-ups. Everyone is bound to make a handful of rookie study abroad mistakes. However, these are the ten you should try to avoid at all costs to ensure you have the most incredible experience possible. And if you’ve already studied abroad, hopefully you can look back and laugh when you realize you’ve made most of these yourself. (read more)


Photo of Paris taken 3 hours before the attacks.

Photo of Paris taken 3 hours before the attacks.

Being in Paris During the Attacks: What It Taught Me

How these tragic incidents make us go about travel with a different mindset

When you make the decision of studying abroad, you constantly hear that you will see the world in a new light. Your experiences will shape you in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Being in Paris the weekend of the horrific terrorist attacks, my perception of the world changed entirely. Never once in my life did I think I would hear an actual explosion, nor did I expect to be in walking distance of a terrorist attack. No one ever  plans for these things, nor are you ever really prepared. My experience in Paris reshaped the way I look at studying abroad. In no way will it stop me from traveling, but it will make go about it in a different way. (read more)



Surviving Europe’s Most Infamous Budget Airline: Ryanair

7 Things to Know Before Booking that Incredibly Cheap Ticket on Ryanair

Let’s face it, “budget travel” is essentially the middle name of every student who studies abroad.  I applaud Irish-based Ryanair for offering such a wide selection of budget-friendly flights to destinations throughout Europe and Africa (yes, you can take Ryan Air to Morocco) and wish we had a similar airline in America. However, there are a few things you should know before booking that seemingly “too good to be true” 20 euro round-trip ticket that are guaranteed to make your Ryanair experience significantly more enjoyable (or tolerable depending on the situation). (read more)



The 10 Lessons to Learn from Traveling

What The Real World Won’t Teach You

Contrary to popular belief, traveling can teach you more than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will. I’ve found that people’s definitions of “the real world” vary quite a bit. For me, the real world means packing up and leaving your comfort zone, the familiar, your safe place, and experiencing unknown things – a new place, new people who may not understand you, unfamiliar customs, the list goes on. Traveling is being in the real world, and here are 10 vital lessons that it will teach you. (read more)


along the arno

Top Ten Tips for Travel Photography

Document your travel adventure with these travel photography must do’s

As you are currently packing your bags and planning for your next adventure, whether it’s that weekend trip to a new city, or a new country all together, you’ll be thinking about what experience you’ll end up having. Being able to document it for yourself to the best of your ability may be very important to you, especially for when you share it with your friends or family. (read more)




Iceland: The Perfect Destination for Solo-Travellers

If you really want to accomplish something or travel somewhere, don’t let lack of company prevent you from doing so

Traveling solo has always been on the top of my bucket list. During my semester abroad in Denmark, I found a good flight fare to Milan. In the spur of the moment, I pulled out my credit card and bought the ticket.  There was only one problem, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go with me. For weeks leading up to the trip, I was absolutely terrified. More than once, I seriously considered the idea of forgoing the trip and forgetting… (read more)



25 Travel Tips For Every College Traveler

If it comes to mind, pack it immediately!

If you’re studying abroad or just heading out of town for a few days, you don’t want to forget the small, yet important things. If you really want to pack something, but aren’t in the right place at the right time, make a note of it so you won’t forget. (read more)



pink tulips in Holland image

Exploring the Dutch tulip fields

8 Gorgeous Day Trips from Amsterdam

Bring a book, catch a train, and spend a day exploring everything Dutch in the Netherlands.

When you think of the Netherlands,  the first things that jump to mind are windmills, tulips, canals, bikes and cheese (and maybe some other things, but Amsterdam is the best place for those). Amsterdam Central Station is the perfect place start your journey exploring each of these aspects of Dutch culture. Here are eight day trips you can try to fit into your itinerary. (read more)



Boat Rides along the Canals

Boat Rides along the Canals

Overlooked Cities in Europe to Add to Your Travel List

Include one of these 7 European hidden gems in your travel plans.

We’ve all dreamed of going to the most photographed cities in Europe like Paris, London, Prague, Venice, and Rome (guilty as charged), but the truth is that the European continent has so many hidden gems that are equally worth a visit. Escape the crowds, tourist traps, and even spend significantly less money on these overlooked, off the beaten path destinations in Europe. Some may be relatively difficult to get to in contrast to the larger cities, but most are very well-connected to major travel hubs via buses and trains for cheap fares (the best part of it all). Although there are so many places that I haven’t been to yet in Europe, these are my top seven in alphabetical order that I’ve explored and gotten to know and love! (read more)

Parmakkule 127

10 things you need to know about Pamukkale, Turkey before you visit.

Pamukkale (Cotton Palace) an unreal landscape and UNESCO world heritage site.

1. Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish and it’s not hard to see why. These white travertine natural pools have been slowly formed over thousands of years and resemble fluffy clouds of cotton, one of the main exports from this area.

2. Parmukkale is a natural World Heritage site in the Denizli Province of southwestern Turkey. The closest airport is Denizli Cardak Airport which is approximately 44 miles from Pamekkale. No matter where you are in the region there are bus tours available to take you directly to Pamukkale (read more)



Nina Truong 7 Underrated Cities in Italy You Have to Visit study abroad italy burrano image

The colorful houses of Burrano

7 Underrated Cities in Italy You Have to Visit

A guide to some of Italy’s beautiful hidden gems

When someone says “Italy”, you immediately think of major cities like, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. However, Italy has a lot more than these four major cities. Each city in Italy has very distinct architecture and culture based on its location. Throughout history, Italy has had a socio-economic gap between the country’s northern region and southern region. For this reason, it’s difficult to say you have really seen Italy if you haven’t explored both regions of the country and sometimes what you see in bigger cities might differ from smaller cities. For your next trip to Italy, consider visiting the following underrated cities to get a better feel of Italy! (read more)



Your Complete Travel Guide to Vietnam

A Look into Each City, How to Eat, Where to Stay, and Transportation Options

After spending a few months backpacking in Southeast Asia, I’ve concluded that Vietnam was my favorite country in the region for several reasons. I fell in love with the vigorous and hospitable locals, the hustle and bustle of each city, the flavorful cuisine, the rich – and very depressing history, and the relaxed countryside. Spending only 17 days there wasn’t nearly enough time to see and do all that I wanted, but all the more reason to go back! Here is your complete travel guide of the country that stole my heart. (read more)



Following Gandhi Across India: A Study Abroad Interview

Marie Golberg is a senior at Roanoke College studying International Relations.

In May 2014, Marie and a small group of students, most of whom she didn’t know, traveled across the world to the Indian Subcontinent. As part of a three-week course titled, “Contemporary India in the shadow of Gandhi,” Marie traveled to all corners of the country to learn about Gandhi’s impact: from Delhi, to Agra, and all the way down to the South Indian state of Kerala. (read more)




11 Things I Miss About Europe

You will leave with more memories, pictures,  and friends than you ever expected to have.

The History & Architecture

Walking through Thessaloniki, you’ll be surrounded by modern buildings, sculptures, the honk of ridiculous traffic.  Next thing you know, you turn a corner and see a church that was built in the 1400’s to your left and in front of you a crumbling arc that is still standing from sometime B.C.  It is quite breathtaking to find yourself in the presence of something that is 2500 years old. (read more)

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