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Combating Senioritis

Graduation is Just Around the Corner.  Finish Strong!

Graduation is just around the corner! This time of year can get quite hectic, from senior photos, graduation announcement, and preparation for commencement, it’s easy to loose sight of everything else. As I pick up my cap and gown, it finally hit me… This is it! Everything I’ve been working so hard for is almost here. I’ve been anticipating this day for years! Looking back, this journey seemed impossible. Remembering the all-nighters, I fought so hard to stay awake when every part of me wanted to give up. It’s easy to give up when things get tough, but following through is worthwhile. While everything is leading up towards graduation, one important factor remains: school.

The sun’s out and the flowers are blooming. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to skip school and head straight to the beach! But before you do, remember, you still have to graduate! Here are some tips to help combat Senioritis.

Remember, somebody paid for your tuition.

You, your parents, the government, or a nice donor, maximize your education and get the most out of your money. Unless you’re planning on going to graduate school, this could be the last time you’re ever in school. Enjoy the time you have left.

Don’t give up!!

Even if you have the lowest grade in class, or potentially failing, it’s not too late to make an appointment with your professor to see what else you can do to pass. Most cases, the final is cumulative but don’t quote me, check your syllabus. I’ve been in this predicament many times before. Study! Study! Study! You can do it!


Make plans for what you’re going to do after school is out, not during school. Reward yourself after the semester with a trip you’ve been dying to take, the boots you want to buy, summer concerts, etc… Set a countdown and watch time fly!

Lasting Memories

Your college days are numbered! All the relationships built during the years help shape your college experience. When school is over, it is likely that many of your friends may disperse into different directions in pursuit of different life goals. Value the quality time you have left and remember to keep in touch!

You’re almost there!!!

Summer is rewarding when you put in time and work. You’re almost there! Crank out the last few weeks of school and then you can kick your feet up. Congrats!

Deanna Phouthavone

San Diego State | 3 stories

Deanna Phouthavone is currently a senior pursuing a Communication degree at San Diego State University. Like a true California girl, she enjoys adventures outdoors and her shoe collection mainly consists of Rainbow sandals. Late night Mexican food is her kryptonite. To keep up with awkward moments, follow her on Twitter: @Dear_Deanna

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