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Combating the Winter Blues on Campus

If you’re like me when the temperatures are dropping to zero, the thought of leaving the house at night seems daunting and unnecessary when your house is so warm and cozy. Going to the movies or a concert is fun but costly, so what’s a girl to do for fun, cheap, and warm winter entertainment? Over the next few weeks I will be researching the best activities to do with your friends on a budget and right in the comfort of your own house or dorm!

Game Night

Game nights are a great way to spend time with friends on a cold night. The games are usually pretty cheap and a fun way to mix it up with your friends. These are my personal favorites for game night.

Catchphrase This is a handheld electronic game that you can purchase at target for around $20, and can play with as many people as you like. On the screen is a word that you have to make your friends guess without saying it. Once the members have guessed your phrase you pass it to the next person to do the same. There is a time limit, with a buzzer when it’s up making the game more exciting. With my roommates catchphrase usually consists of laughing, yelling, a lot of big hand gestures, and all around a ton of fun.

Apples to Apples This is another fun card game you can purchase for around $20 at target. Each person is given 7 cards of people, places, or things, and alternates being the dealer of an adjective card. The green adjective card will say something like “Funny”, and everyone except the dealer decides which of his or her cards best fits funny the best and puts it face down in the middle for the dealer to judge which one is the best. There is a lot of variation in how you can play the game; you can decide which card is the best literally or sarcastically and even have people argue for why their card is the best.

The Post – It Game Each player writes a celebrity on a post-it and without showing it puts the post – it on another players forehead. Much like 20 questions each person goes around asking yes or no questions to figure out who the celebrity is on their head -whoever guesses their person first wins. This game is great because you can adjust it however you like and is also great for long car trips.  

Murder Mystery Party If you and your friends are feeling extra ambitious you can host a murder mystery themed party at your house. Click here for tips on how to host your very own murder mystery!

So have fun, make sure to have lots of snacks and maybe even add a little wine to complete your game night experience. These are just a few ideas for a fun night, and if you have any favorite games to play with your friends post them here!

Jocelyn Rosenthal

University of Colorado at Boulder | 9 stories

I am originally from New Jersey, but traded my bathing suit and road rage for skiing and hikes with my dog Rufus in the Rocky Mountains. I love running, arts & crafts and visiting wacky roadside attractions.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    We enjoy playing catchphrase all the time on Campus!

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