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Dialogue with: Stephanie Corona, Studying Business in Oxford, England.

Study Abroad Advice from the Field: Get into your study abroad office, research, research, research, and start applying for programs.

By Katrina Demlow, Indiana University

I’ve written quite a bit about my experience during my study abroad program, but for a different perspective, I interviewed my classmate, Stephanie Corona!  Stephanie is from Cincinnati, Ohio and is pursuing a degree in Marketing at Indiana University.

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1. Where did you study and for how long?
I studied in Oxford, England for most of the month of July.

2. What did you study?
The business course that I took was entitled “Cross-Cultural Management”.

3. What were your top 3 favorite things you did on your trip?

1. Punting! Punting is a form of rowing where you stand at the back of the boat and use a long pole to push the boat forward. It’s the quintessential Oxford/Cambridge afternoon activity!
2. Climbing the St. Mary Church tower, located at the heart of Oxford. The views from above were unbelievable. I could see the ancient university town (it dates back to 900 AD!) as well as the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside. It was also a pretty cool experience to make our way to the top. The climb is made up of over one hundred steps, which were small, tight, and extremely old themselves. 
3. A trip to England wouldn’t be complete without Shakespeare! Two scholars who taught at Oxford gave a presentation to my class on the great poet. It was such a treat to hear from such well learned academics, and I learned a ton about one of my favorite writers! Later we attended an open-air production of The Merry Wives of Windsor at one of the college gardens, which was a fantastic experience in itself despite a bit of rain!

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4. What difficulties did you have?
For me personally, I faced difficulties with the food. I have a lot of food allergies, so finding things that I could eat was a challenge at first. I found that I needed to be direct and adjust to the local cuisine–sure, I might have to pick some of my food apart to remove the offending ingredients, but in the end I still got to try the food! I also faced difficulties with the language. “Separated by a common language” is a phrase often used to describe the differences between U.S. and U.K. English, and it describes the situation perfectly. I had no idea what people were talking about when they mentioned lorries (semi-trucks) kips (a nap) or gherkin (essentially a pickle).

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5.  What advice do you have for other students who want to study abroad?
Just go for it! Get into your study abroad office, research research research, and start applying for programs. You won’t get to go abroad unless you take that first step. Even if you don’t think it’s possible–for financial or academic reasons–you might be surprised by the resources out there to study abroad. I know that my program worked perfectly for me because it fit within my academic program and was inexpensive being so short-term. I still got to fulfill my dream of studying abroad, and I wouldn’t even have thought it were possible unless I had started researching my freshman year of college. 

6. If you were to visit somewhere else, where would it be?
Now that I’ve gone to the U.K., I’d like to try something completely different–at the moment, New Zealand looks pretty cool!

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Katrina Demlow

Indiana University | 4 stories

My name is Katrina Demlow and I’ll be a junior at Indiana University. I’m studying in the Kelley School of Business to get my Marketing degree, as well as a Human Resources minor from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. While on campus, I work at a campus library a few hours each week. Also, I am the VP of Member Relations for an on-campus organization dedicated to volunteering. Aside from that, I love to bake and do crafts! This summer, I’ll be working as a Sales Associate at Ann Taylor Loft and traveling to Oxford, England on a study abroad program!

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