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Did you really go abroad if you didn’t take these pictures?

Top eight pictures you have to take when studying abroad.

Studying abroad is a huge part of college students’ lives and gives us an excuse to shamelessly post to social media. Each picture taken on your travels and uploaded effortlessly creates the ultimate virtual scrapbook. So what if you want to take a picture at every cliché destination, it’s the best way to remember your journeys for years to come.

As a recent study abroad graduate, I present to you the top eight pictures to take and add to your virtual scrapbook; Or let’s be honest, did you really go abroad if you didn’t take these pictures?

Mia london image

“London is calling my name” 

The red telephone booth is iconic to the anglophile persona. Each tourist that passes through the royal city of London will pause for a quick picture in one of these booths. Not only is it a symbol of England but the history is fascinating. Since owning a telephone in the 1920’s was so expensive, the general post office (GPO) introduced a national telephone network allowing anyone to use this new invention; and with that, the red telephone booth was born.


Photo Credit: Emma Weinreb

Photo by: Emma Weinreb

Gelato on the Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy 

Ponte Vecchio translates as ‘old bridge’ in Italian which is exactly what he Ponte Vecchio is. This medieval stone arched bridge runs over the Arno river in Florence hosting various shops. What better picture to get local Italian Gelato with the famous bridge in the background? Just try not to eat your ice cream before you get to the bridge.

Photo Credit: Erica Joseph

Photo Credit: Erica Joseph

Amsterdam sign 

You feel lucky when your name begins with an A,M,S,T,E,R,D,A, or M when you visit the I AM AMSTERDAM sign. The letters were built as an introduction, a statement, inclusion and a physical icon. By taking a picture with these letters you are truly one with Amsterdam.

Photo Credit: Meghan Reza

Photo Credit: Meghan Reza

The Louvre 

Pictures are taken at this location daily and ironically that’s why these pyramids were created. Architect I.M. Pei, who also designed the MasterCard Corporate office building in New York, curated this inverted pyramid because the Louvre’s main entrance couldn’t handle the enormous number of visitors that arrived daily. Little did France know they were also designing a monument for the trendiest picture yet.

Photo Credit: Rachel Frank

Photo Credit: Rachel Frank

Cliffs of Moher 

Irelands most visited natural attraction is also home to one of the most cliché photos. Everyone has seen this on their Instagram feed and has said ‘I need to recreate this’. The cliffs are Ireland’s most beautiful tourist attraction, however, don’t let it take your breath away for too long…

Photo Credit: Haley Bieber

Photo Credit: Haley Bieber

Leaning tower of Pisa

One of the most remarkable architectural structures from medieval Europes NEEDS a picture. Located in the quaint town of Pisa, the Pisa tower was once of the tallest bell towers in Europe. When the tower was first built, it was strategized to be vertical, however, during the 200 years of construction the tower developed a 10 degree angle. Thankfully, this makes for a great picture.

10982041_10206558499623497_2609546344279472990_nRomantic Gondola Ride picture 

What better place to ride a Gondola in the OG Gondola city. The “streets” of Venice we’re actually just waterways in 1094 which led to the creation of the Gondola as the main transportation vehicle. Today, tourists ride in them for the romantic experience and of course, the picture.



Love.  Peace. John Lennon Wall.

No, John Lennon was not Czech but this wall serves tribute to the artist who ironically has never been to Prague. The graffiti began to decorate the wall beginning in 1988 as a rebellion against the communism regime. Today, the wall symbolizes global ideals such as love and peace. It also symbolizes how many likes your instagram will probably get.

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