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5 Ways to Get Outside at Your Next Destination

Everyone knows the peace that comes with stepping outside, breathing in the fresh air, removing yourself from all things man-made and being surrounded by nature. Nothing beats an amazing sunset or appreciating bird-song on a walk through the park. Wherever your travels lead you next, don’t miss out on experiencing the outdoor elements your destination has to offer.

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Here are five simple ways to enjoy our big green earth:

1. Get to Walking

Anywhere you travel, there is never an excuse to not find a way to walk. Whether it be around the city, at a local park, or on a hiking trail, you have options. It is amazing how differently you can experience where you are just by walking rather than riding in a cab or taking public transit. When you make time to take it slow and observe your surroundings you may just stumble upon a true gem that could become a lasting memory of your trip. So next time you need to go somewhere, choose to walk. And if you happen to find a trail to hike, it could offer a sweet escape from the city and bring you renewal. Allow yourself some pumping blood and fresh air.

2. Enjoy a Sunrise or Sunset

My experience with watching the sun rise is that it is always worth waking up early for. If you can even dedicate just one morning to receive this gift from nature, you should. It will start your day in the right direction, thinking about the earth’s wild beauty. But if you, understandably, are just not an early morning riser, sunsets are just as nice. Find a special spot to watch the sun go down with some friends, or alone, and appreciate those incredible colors.

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3. Research Some Outdoor Adventures

At most travel destinations, you can find some kind of outdoor adventure to take part in. For instance, when I went to Austria I hiked in the mountains, in Costa Rica I went surfing and zip-lining, and in the Czech Republic I went on a boat ride down the river. Whether you are on a journey to a big city or a natural paradise, adventure will find you. Before you travel, do some research on what crazy outdoor activity you can cross off your bucket list next.

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4. Have a Picnic

Grab your travel buddies or find some friendly strangers and kick it old school. Enjoy a potluck style meal where everyone brings something to eat, and before you know it you will have a feast. Pick a cool location where you can enjoy your meal and maybe even catch the sunset. There is no better way to enjoy the company of friends, old and new, than over a meal under the sky.

5. Find a Killer View

For some people this will look like breathtaking mountains and for some this will look like the flickering of many city lights. But either way, find an unbeatable view wherever you are and simply look. Now is the time to put away the phone and camera and be present in this moment. Take it all in. Here you are, living the dream and traveling to beautiful far off places. Be thankful. Don’t let time slip by without a moment to be fully where you are and fully appreciative that this is where life has taken you.

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Our big green world has so much natural beauty to offer us. Allow it to reveal to you its incredible artistry next time you travel.

Discover The Great Outdoors


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