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6 of the most amazing meals to have while abroad.

Connecting with a culture can be difficult when one has only 48 hours or less to see and do everything on his or her list. Food is the universal language that everyone can speak; food allows you to peer inside the culture of a country and take a peek at what society finds values. Food defines a culture and observing the differences in meals from one culture to another provides insight in a way that can’t be found elsewhere. Traveling to 15 different countries during my semester abroad, I ate a wide range of foods and I still find myself salivating when I think about my favorite meals I ate.

1. FODERBRÆTTET Copenhagen, Denmark

Hailing from a state where hot dogs are frequently consumed at baseball games, I don’t know how I never thought of the pure genius idea of gourmet hot dogs. With a creative menu hosting everything from a “Mexi Dog” to an “Italian Stallion” (pictured above), these hot diggity dogs pair perfectly with their amazingly fried, crunchy onion rings, which are debatably the best onion rings I have ever consumed!


prague fried dough image

2. STREET MARKETS Prague, Czech Republic

Seen frequently in street food markets all throughout Prague, lángos originated from Hungary, but have spread all throughout Eastern Europe. This deep-fried, doughy goodness is topped with cheese and you can choose whether you want sour cream, ketchup, or garlic on it. I went with garlic and would gladly have garlic breath every day for the rest of my life if that meant I could eat this daily.


brussels brunch image

3. PECK 47 Brussels, Belgium

This place is every brunch lovers dream. With a homey, whimsical décor and a menu catering to most desires from breakfast through dinner, I wish I could have had all three meals here in one day. Engulfing the lavender-infused granola (I highly recommend this) topped off with the Peck Special, I don’t think anyone could order the “wrong” item here.


barcelona paella image

4. RIAS DE VIGO Barcelona, Spain

“You MUST eat paella when you are in Barcelona” is what I constantly heard when telling others where I was headed. Recommended by a friend who studied abroad in Barcelona for a semester, Rias De Vigo supplied us with both a hefty serving of scrumptious paella and sweet sangria. Searching for a non-touristy restaurant with authentic paella and sangria? Vigo is without a doubt the place for you!


greek gyro image

5. GOD’S RESTAURANT Athens, Greece

With an easily accessible location near the Parthenon, God’s Restaurant was effortlessly found thanks to the always-so-helpful TripAdvisor. I had been on the hunt for an authentic Greek gyro and this did not disappoint in any way. Savoring the warm pita, cool tzatziki sauce, and perfectly crisp potato wedges, I couldn’t stop talking about this meal for the rest of my trip.


finland healthy meal image

6. JUICE Helsinki, Finland

Enticed inside by the delightful logo on the outside, Juice served us the refreshing, healthy meal that we had been craving. Call us #basic, but my friend and I love a good juice and the “pink” and “light green” juices were the perfect accompaniment to our create-your-own salad with fresh bread. Reasonably priced, especially for Scandinavia, this restaurant is satisfying for that healthy pick-me-up that everyone could surely use while studying abroad.


Drooling yet? I sure am. These six meals only begin to describe some of the most delectable meals I gobbled down while abroad. Food not only provides insight into the lifestyle and society of a country, but also helps to build a bridge between cultural differences. What are some of the best meals you have eaten while abroad?

Molly O'Connor

Southern Methodist University | 6 stories

Molly is a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX majoring in Communication Studies. Bitten by the travel bug during her incredible semester abroad in Copenhagen, she's learning to both find adventure in her every day life and to look for an opportunity to discover something new daily! Lover of donuts, running, people, and of course, travel, she's excited to share her stories with the College Tourist community! To follow along with her adventures, follow her on Instagram @ _hot_tamolly_ and check out her blog,

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