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Looking for “food-gram” worthy pics? Want to visit Texas? Eager to try some good ol’ Southern BBQ? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or even if you didn’t) read on!

Austin has been one of my favourite cities to visit, for numerous reasons, but especially because of the amazing food and drinks that the city has to offer. From BBQ to Food Trucks to Tex-Mex, Austin is sure to have something on offer for every palate.


First up is Tex-Mex. You won’t find better tex-mex than in Texas, and Austin sure did provide the goods. A must-go place would be Torchy’s Tacos, which was originally just a food truck, but has turned itself into a chain of restaurants all over Texas. Despite being a chain, it continues to produce tacos that are so delicious we had to wait in line for 20 minutes just to order. I would recommend the Baja Shrimp Taco. Some other tex-mex locations we tried while in the city were Chuy’s, and also Trudy’s which had great fajitas (and an even better margarita menu).

Next up are the little cafes and shops that are unique to Austin. For breakfast, lunch, or just a snack I would recommend going to Blenders & Bowls which made Acai bowls and fabulous smoothies in front of a yoga place. We loved it so much we went twice in the weekend we were there! The Spider House cafe is another great place in North Austin near the university which has a really great backyard garden area, and during the evening fairy lights are hung and lit around the place and produces a great atmosphere to go with the food. Something else to consider as well is that the original (and biggest) Whole Foods in America is situated in Austin, which can always take an hour (or two) out of your day.



Next for places to see/eat in Austin is the BBQ joints that the city has to offer. I’ve been told by numerous people that Texan BBQ is the best in America, and that beef brisket is king in Texas. Black’s Barbecue definitely delivered the goods when we tried it, but I have also heard a number of good things about Franklin’s BBQ, which I have been told can have lines that go on for hours. The meat is smoky, full of flavour, and definitely leaves you feeling full after eating.


Hungry Austinites and tourist alike find satisfied dinning from the row of food trailers on South Congress
Lastly are all the amazing food trucks that Austin has. Every possible cuisine you could imagine, there will be a food truck for it. Gordough’s is a doughnut food truck that makes every type of doughnut imaginable. I’ve mentioned Torchy’s Tacos, but another great Taco truck would be Veracruz All Natural, and I would recommend going for breakfast to get homemade tortillas with potatoes and eggs. A late night “snack” could also see you at the Big Fat Greek Gyros truck, which, if you block out the sounds of American accents and picture yourself on a beach, could almost seem like you’re in Greece.

I hope that I have managed to convince you to visit Austin purely to try out the food. With every type of cuisine available, you are sure to find something you like. Don’t forget to try BBQ or Tex-Mex though, which Texas is especially famous for. Bon Appetit.

Jade Smith-Love

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Jade Smith-Love was a student at The University of Melbourne, Australia. With a double major in International Relations and Media & Communications, she was accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill for a year long study abroad program in 2014-15. Traveller, ice-cream connoisseur, avid reader, and now forever a Tar Heel.. Instagram: @jade.smithlove Twitter: @jadesmithlove

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