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Europe: A Study Abroad Photo Essay

Europe is large and the temperature, people, culture and landmarks vary greatly and are all equally amazing!

While I lived in France, I had the opportunity to travel around Europe and ended up visiting 12 countries within 10 short months. The experiences I had were fantastic and although I would love to write all of them down in short story form, I have found that photographs do truly say a thousand words.

Throughout my time abroad, my camera was always at my side and consequentially, I have a great array of photos spanning from the chilly Czech Republic to the beaches of Spain. Europe is large and the temperature, people, culture and landmarks vary greatly and are all equally amazing. However, here are my top photographs of my time in Europe.

Russian Church, Nice, France image

Russian Cathedral

Inner Circle Stone Henge image

Inner Circle Stonehenge, UK

La Demure du Chaos image

La Demure du Chaos

Sagrada Familia, barcelona image

Sagrada Familia Ceiling, Barcelona Spain

Provincial Market, image

Provincial Market

Jewish quarter, Krakow, Poland image

Jewish quarter, Krakow, Poland

New Deli Yoga, Berlin, Germany, image

New Deli Yoga, Berlin, Germany

Cathedral Marseilles, France, image

Cathedral Marseilles, France

Franz Kafka Statue, Prague, Czech Republic, image

Franz Kafka Statue, Prague, Czech Republic

Roman Cathedral Interior, image

Roman Cathedral Interior

Voiron, Franve image

Voiron, Franve

Caves of Grenoble, France, image

Caves of Grenoble, France

Streets of Lisbon, Portugal, image

Streets of Lisbon, Portugal

East London, image

East London

Monaco, Monaco, image

Monaco, Monaco

Toulouse, France, image

Toulouse, France

Liverpool, England, image

Liverpool, England

The streets of 'home' Lyon, France, image

The streets of ‘home’ Lyon, France


Molly Greathouse

University of California, Irvine | 12 stories

Molly Greathouse is a 4th year at UC Irvine who spent her 3rd year in school in Lyon, France. This summer she will be off to Australia for one last taste of the collegiate life before entering the Real World.

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