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Experiencing London In Three Days

Guide to Experiencing London in Three Days

London is a magnificent, bustling city with a lot to offer. From iconic attractions such as Buckingham Palace to charming street food vendors, there is always room for new adventures in this city. Not all visitors have the luxury of time on their hands, so here is a short guide on how to get the most out of 72 hours.

Day One

To Do:

Piccadilly Circus- The Piccadilly Circus area is what I could consider the Times Square of London. While it may not contain as many jumbo screens as NYC, there is a large video display, several neon signs in the area, and is a hub for entertainment and shopping. If you’re into finding unique stores abroad, Piccadilly Circus is definitely an area to add to your list.

British Museum- The British Museum is three floors and with such a large collection, there is bound to be something of interest for everyone. The museum even brings in special exhibitions, so be sure to check their website to see what’s new! If you’re short on time but still want to experience the museum, their website has suggestions for which collections to visit.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter- Potterhead or not, the Making of Harry Potter tour in London is a pretty amazing experience.  The tour starts out in the actual Great Hall with all of the items in tact to make you feel as though you are about to experience one of those fantastic welcome back feasts in the movies.  The tour allows visitors to experience everything from touring the Hogwarts Express to viewing the casts actual costumes to enjoying a butterbeer. If you know you want to go on the tour, make sure to buy tickets online in advance!

Hogwarts Image

To Eat:

The Diner- Two words: hard shakes. Who does not enjoy ice cream? Especially ice cream that has been blended to perfection with alcohol. The Diner serves, as their name implies, typical diner food such as burgers and fries, but their hard shakes are what sets it apart.

Day Two

Big Ben Image

To Do:

Big Ben: “Oh look, a clock, we don’t have those in America”- Ron Swanson. While my favorite Parks and Recreation character is correct in this statement, Big Ben is truly amazing to see in person. The bridge leading up to the clock makes for great photo opportunities!

Tower Bridge- Contrary to popular belief, the Tower Bridge and London Bridge are not the same. The London Bridge is much simpler and really is not much to see. The Tower Bridge really is a beautiful attraction and just a short walk from the Tower of London.

Tower of London- The Tower is a historical castle with a lot of history. The castle is comprised of three wards, so there is a lot to see and explore. A few elements that stuck out to me was seeing the changing of the guards, or Beefeaters, and being able to view the Crown Jewels.

London Tower image

To Eat:

Fish & Chips- Fish and chips, or as Americans would call it, fish and french fries, is a common meal in London. Being such a popular many restaurants claim to have the best fish and chips in the area in order to attract tourists.  I had fish and chips a few times while in London and I cannot say there was much of a difference between the meals. My advice would be to pick a restaurant that looks promising, add a pint, and you’ve got yourself a great meal.

fishnchips image

Day Three

To Do:

London Eye Image

London Eye- Taking a ride in one of the London Eye’s capsules is a fantastic way to get amazing views of the city. Taking a ride on the London Eye brings you to the highest public viewing point and takes around half an hour from start to finish. Grab a few friends or new acquaintances and experience London from 443 feet up!

Buckingham Palace- When in London, do as the Queen does. Buckingham Palace is technically in Westminster and not London, but a quick ride on the Underground makes it an absolutely do-able stop. While tourists aren’t allowed in the residence, it is an incredible site to see and who doesn’t want to post a picture with a witty caption about the Queen?

Abbey Road- Abbey Road is the location of one of the most iconic album covers. While nothing can chalk up to the original, many tourists, myself included, imitate this photo and walk across the very same crosswalk as the Beatles. However, be warned that this area is still a very busy street. It will more than likely take some time to get the perfect shot and not get run over by a car in the process.

Abbey Road Image


To Eat:

Food Tents- Ciders, desserts, and meat pies- oh my! This particular food vending area is near the London Eye and I was blown away by the variety and quality of food. The food ranged from spicy sausage and rice dishes to sweet Nutella crepes. There was so much diversity in this area and it was an excellent experience sitting outside while enjoying some great food!

london food tent image




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