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Fire Five: Where to Go for a Night Out in Dublin

The 5 Best Spots for a Great Night out in Ireland’s Capital 

Dublin, like the rest of Ireland, is known for its pubs. Pub culture is an important part of Irish history. They began as place for men to go to drink some wine and converse with one another. Eventually wine turned into cider, and cider turned into beer (a product that Ireland has no shortage of). The choice of drink not only evolved, but the atmosphere of the pub did as well. Women were allowed in, singers could perform and anyone who could afford a drink was welcomed.

Nowadays, pubs are everywhere and are seemingly impossible to escape. They are sprinkled on every street throughout Dublin, along with their more modern cousins, the bars. This gives visitors and locals a plethora of options, but it is even better to have an idea of where to go on a night out in this lively city. These are the 5 best spots to hit up on a night out in Dublin. This list includes some traditional pubs, as well as trendy bars and what district of town they are in.

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1. Brazen Head, Dublin 8

Why: The Brazen Head was established in 1198 and is therefore Ireland’s oldest pub! It is impossible to get more traditional and old school than this. There is a courtyard on the outside, and the interior is filled with dark wood, candles and pictures of celebrities who have paid a visit to this historic landmark. Live music and Irish story telling take place on select nights, making visitors feel that they got the quintessential Irish experience.

Tip: It is best to stick with beer or cider here; because of the Brazen Head’s popularity, cocktails tend to be on the pricey side.

2. Hairy Lemon, Dublin 2

Why: Dubbed one of “Dublin’s Trendiest Pubs”, this is the best place to go when looking for drink AND food. The Hairy Lemon serves traditional Irish meals such as stews and fish and chips in their restaurant. When the meal is over, walk through the door to the other side. The two story pub houses one bar downstairs, and two bars upstairs. On Saturday nights they have a DJ who seems to only play the greatest hits of 2000’s, which makes this place even better.

Tip: Arrive by 9pm to avoid waiting forever to get a drink at the bar. For dinner, get there around 6pm.

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3. Fitzsimons, Dublin 2

Why: This is everything amazing wrapped up in one perfect package. Fitzsimons is the only establishment in the popular Temple Bar area that made this list. Why? Because it is not outrageously priced. This place has a deal that before 11pm, every night, patrons can purchase cocktails for 5-euro. 5-euro! That is unheard of in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. Not only are the drinks cheap, there are also musicians there every night. It is usually easy to find a table to sit back with a 5-euro cocktail and enjoy the show at. When a change of scenery is needed, head up to the roof for a great view of the city.

Tip: Get there before 11pm in order to get the deal.

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4. O’Reilly’s, Dublin 2

Why: This is where the students from Trinity and neighboring universities go. Every college student seems to know about “Cheap Ass Monday’s” at O’Reilly’s. The drink deals include 2-euro shots and 10-euro pitchers. This is a great place to go with friends when looking to not spend a lot but still have a lot of fun. There is an extensive outdoor area as well as a dance floor on the inside. With all the people packed inside, be prepared to get a tad over heated.

Tip: Bring ID with a date of birth on it.

5. Pygmalion, Dublin 2

Why: Yet another establishment with a deal. Pygmalion is a trendy, youthful bar that offers a deal of two cocktails for 11 euro. The cocktail menu is both unique and yummy, so it is not abnormal to want to visit this place multiple times to test them all out. This place consistently caters to a young crowd, so it is easy to find locals to talk to.

Tip: Pygmalion turns more into a nightclub as the evening gets later.

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This list could easily go on forever, but these 5 establishments are definitely worth visiting. Dublin has so much to offer in terms of nightlife, but after exploring these places it will be easy to see why these pubs and bars stand out from the rest. Sláinte!

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Amanda Hackney

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Amanda Hackney is a public relations major and international studies minor at Penn State University. She spent her second semester of junior year abroad in Dublin, Ireland. When she is not exploring the world, Amanda can be found curled up with a good book, hanging out with friends or baking fabulous cakes in her kitchen. Follow her on Instagram @amanda_hackney and Twitter @hackcittty

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  1. Kelly Burke says:

    I too spent a semester in Dublin and definitely agree these are the top spots to hit for a night on the town! Great article, Amanda! 🙂

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