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Do It Your Way; Shed Those Pounds in Your Time


Summer break is finally here and it’s time to head to the beach. But after months of late-night snacking and becoming great friends with the Jimmy John’s delivery guy, you’re not feeling your best when dressed in a tiny bikini. It’s happens to us all. While concentrating on school it’s difficult to stay on top of our health. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back to your best you in no time.

Fitness Apps

gympact iconFitness apps are fairly common.  However, I’ve found a gem that gives me no choice but to hit the gym. Gympact tracks your workouts and gives you cash rewards for completing X number each week. Is there better motivation than money? Not only does this app encourage you to do something good for you body, you can earn some extra spending cash for that upcoming vacation. And if earning money isn’t enough to make you go for a run, how about losing money? For every “pact” you don’t complete, the app will automatically deduct money from your bank account. I can safely say I haven’t missed a workout since downloading Gympact.

Do What you Love

With that in mind, make fitness fun. I was never able to commit to a workout schedule when I was forcing myself to run. This is because I hate running. And that’s okay, because I found an exercise I love: bike riding. It doesn’t matter how you get moving, as long as you move! Because I found an activity that I truly enjoy, I look forward to exercise. Try new things; find what’s best for you. Maybe roller blading or even paddle boarding could be your new go-to?

crystal on bike cropped

Clean Up Your Diet

While exercise is important, the best way to shred those extra pounds is to clean up your diet. Now, I’m not talking about doing anything crazy, but a few small changes can really make a difference.

crystal strawberries

School is now out and you should spend some of that extra free time doing something good for your health. Try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables into your diet as possible. During this time of the year, farmer’s markets are everywhere. This is the perfect place to explore your options and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

Treat yourself, but do it in moderation. Set small goals; if you eat extremely well for an entire day, let yourself have that ice cream cone. If you’re eating well 90% of the time you can still enjoy the naughty foods without harming your waistline. My guilty pleasure? Frozen yogurt!

When eating out, skip the free bread and order water. Most restaurant plates contain more calories than anyone wants to accept. Counter these large plates by skipping on the extras. Order a salad instead of fries. Take some home for the next day.

Don’t Drink Those Extra Pounds

While you may be watching what you’re eating, don’t forget the calories that are hidden in your beverages.  Make a point of knowing how many calories are in each of your beverages.

crystal beverages 2

Do It For You

Keep these suggestions in mind and you’ll shed those extra pounds in no time.  But most importantly, do it for you. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to go for a run, if you’re happy with the way you look then get in that bathing suit and strut your stuff. A little confidence goes a long way!


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Crystal Myers loves ampersands. She hopes she's a lot cooler than her bio makes her sound. She is a chocolate enthusiast, wanderlust and 20-something journalist with messy (often-braided) hair and a big heart. If there is ever an opening for a non-singing role on Glee, she'd like to submit her resume. Crystal can be followed on Twitter @Crystalmyers

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