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Fun Phone Apps for Your Downtime on Campus

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For those rare moments on campus between classes, consider these phone apps, just for fun!

vine icon

Vine Send six second videos to your friends on this newly released app by Twitter.  Despite Vine’s early problems with pornography, this is a fun way to share your more hysterical moments with your friends and family for those willing to play by the rules of decency.

 pocket app

Pocket If you’re always on the go and never seem to have time to read that article or watch that video when you first see it, then this is a great app for you.  Simply put it in your pocket app. Articles or videos are saved from your browser or other apps such as Twitter or Flipboard for you to read or view later.


Songza This is a great music app that chooses the right music depending on your mood.  It offers certain filters for different activities such as, pre-gaming with friends, love and romance, or even a sweaty dance party.  It provides great playlists for whatever your doing or feeling.

snap chat

Snap Chat This snappy new way to share your pics with your friends is gaining in popularity.  The cheeky ‘Ghostface Chillah’ mascot allows your friends to see you picture for only as many seconds as you allow and then, its gone for good.  If you want to take a screen shot of your friends picture before it vanishes, be quick! But know that your friend will be notified that you took a screen shot immediately.

drinking mirror

Drinking Mirror Want to stay pretty? Don’t sabotage it by drinking to much. The drinking Mirror app allows you to upload a sober picture of yourself and shows you the way alcohol will affect your looks over ten years.  Just hit start to see how ‘dropping a glass size’ could improve your looks. Currently only available on Android.


Cloth Loving your daily outfit?  Cloth makes I easy to save, categorize and share your favorite outfits to their site.  They have teamed up with to create Cloth Weather. Using real time weather data to pull the perfect outfit for your current conditions.


Pixlr-o-matic Make your photos look spectacular with over lays and borders to create different effects such as retro, glitter, neon and grunge. There are lots of options to mix and match to your hearts content.


Pinterest Get your inspiration on the go with the Pinterest app.  Collect things you love, organize, plan important projects and share them with your friends.


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