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Geeky Travel!

You can be at home and love your nerdy interests, or, you can take them abroad!

I love to travel. You probably do too. I also have a few geeky interests, and when these things collide, it is just the greatest. There’s a special place for every geeky traveler out there, so I have compiled a list of suggestions for all of the nerds out there who also love to travel and and want to seek out the best places to enjoy all of their favorite things, and be geeky travelers!

Book Nerds: Great literature has popped up from all over the world, so being inpired by reading can literally (and literary-ily?) take you anywhere! However, any devoted book nerd or English major should sometime find themselves in London or Paris. Whether you hang out in the frequented spots of Hemingway in Paris or have pint at J.R.R. Tolkien’s and C.S. Lewis’ favorite meeting spot in Oxford, your bookish dreams will surely come true. Also, you can’t forget about Scotland, where you can stalk the fictional footsteps of Harry Potter and the real footsteps of J.K. Rowling. That’s important.

History Buffs: There’s literally no where you can travel that doesn’t have history. Really, one of the coolest things about travel, if you are a history nerd, is to physically be in a place where so many historical and world-changing things have happened. It’s like you are existing in history, as we always are but it’s way cooler when you’re traveling to a significant location. It’s basically like time travel! Sorta! Naturally Europe is a great location for experiencing history as close as possible. There are more than enough battlegrounds, castles and cathedrals to last you til the end of time. If you’re into the French Revolution, go to Paris! Can you name all of Henry the 8th’s wives? Well, heck YEAH you can go to where he lived in Hampton Court in the UK! And you can even go where he killed his wives at the Tower of London!

Pop Culture Geeks: Well the obvious best place for video game/anime/comic/tech geeks to go is Japan. I mean, the birth place of Pokemon, Nintendo, Naruto and everything else your nerdy little heart has ever loved is from Japan. And I daresay that the Japanese *might* even love Disney more than us. (Please go to Tokyo DisneySea. It will change your Disney life). Also, everything is quirky, high-tech, sleek and modern. And then, when you exit the city, it’s beautiful, traditional and quaint. You really get the best of both worlds, and Japan is a fabulous destination for nerds of all kinds.

Science Nerds: If you’re really into biology, botany, or if you are simply just love being in a wild sort of nature, the best places to go are South Africa or New Zealand. A Safari in South Africa will be full of some incredible and diverse plant and wildlife. You really do get a deeper appreciation for nature when you see it in the wild. There is nothing like quietly drive up to a herd of Elephants, and seeing them closer and in a more real way than you ever could in a book or in a zoo. Then there’s New Zealand, which is just utterly gorgeous, and if you’ve ever seen Lord of the Rings, you know what I’m talking about (another incentive for nerdy travel to New Zealand).

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Really, nerds are just people who really, really love a thing. If you really love any of the above things, you’re probably kind of a nerd, and if you love to travel, you’re totally a travel nerd. And that’s probably the greatest kind of nerd that you can be.

Jenna Peck

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Jenna Peck is a senior majoring in History and English at Southern Methodist University from Long Beach, California. She has studied abroad in Italy, England and has recently returned from a voyage around the world on Semester-at-Sea. She loves to travel and really finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long period of time, but when she does she loves to read, explore the world of the internet, blog and find exciting things to do right at home in Dallas, Texas!

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