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10 Reasons Why Granada is Great for Every College Tourist

Whether you’re stopping by just for a weekend or visiting for a tour of one of Andalusia’s best, Granada has so much to offer the college tourist.

The Flamenco shows In Le Chien Andalou

Granada provides a cultural experience like no other that exemplifies one of southern Spain’s most honored customs: the flamenco. This show is comprised of song, guitar, and dance wherein the trio is performed with such raw emotion, soulful strums, and intense dancing. Anyone who experiences a flamenco show will leave this cave-turned-café wondering how someone can possibly move their feet that quickly and searching for flamenco music on iTunes.

The College Student Population

Whether traveling solo or with a group, college tourists will be glad to know that this is a widely known university city. The University of Granada is one of the largest in Spain and has a high percentage of European exchange students, which means much of the city accommodates to young people. Additionally, it should not be difficult to find local college students around town and connect with them and their city.

The Palace, La Alhambra

The Palace, La Alhambra image

Being a tourist is a cultural experience, and this royal Muslim palace is at the heart of Granada’s historic and architectural culture. Touring the green Generalife (garden), the peaceful, outdoor courts, and the royal halls is an absolute must when visiting Granada. The Islamic décor, colors, and architecture of these grounds forms a truly art-filled experience that is unmatched in Spain.

The Eclectic Diversity

One thing to notice of Granada is its city-wide, structural diversity. Dispersed throughout the city are streets covered for shade, marble-tiled sidewalks, and also street and graffiti art. Granada is home to a world-renowned Moorish palace that’s beauty in symmetry and color graces onlookers at every glance and older, more eclectic neighborhoods that add to the city’s character. It’s a place mixed of roughness and spotlessness, a unique yet agreeable mix that adds to the culture. The dichotomy of Granada as a whole is a real world experience that will teach you to appreciate every aspect of a city, both old and new, antiqued and polished.

The Free Tapas

The one thing any college student dreams about is free food. Granada is the place to live out that dream. Restaurants and bars in this gracious city offer free tapas with drinks, making for cheap nights out without having to compromise on quality of food or drink. It’s a win-win situation to be thankful for and to wish more places adopted this style of hospitality.

The Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros

Granada is surrounded by natural environment that calls for adventure filled weekends. Easily one of the coolest places to visit in Granada (especially during the hot summer months) is Los Cahorros in Monachil, Granada. Be prepared to walk on hanging bridges, swim under waterfalls, and be surrounded by the gorge.

The Shopping

If you want to get some serious shopping done, Granada has streets lined with some of the Spanish favorites. Oysho, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Mango, and multiple Zara’s are just a few of the clothing shops to get your new Spanish wardrobe or pick up a souvenir for a friend back home.

The History of Albayzín

With southern Spain’s Moorish history, walking through the narrow streets of the Albayzín neighborhood will allow the college tourist to experience history outside the classroom. Walking through this Muslim Quarter will show the unique layout of houses and gardens. Exploring this maze of white-washed buildings for a morning will shed some light on the differing historic neighborhoods around the world.

Neighborhood street image

The Street Lined With Tapas Bars,  Calle Navas

This street lined with tapas bars is perfect for taking advantage of Granada’s tapa generosity. Since tapas are served free with a drink, this is the perfect street to tour some of the city’s popular places. It’s also a gathering pool of tourists, so it’s a great place sit down with some new friends and share travel stories and advice.

The Beach Nerja 

Only a 2 hour bus ride and a 10 euro bus fare separates you from a gorgeous beach overlooking the Alboran Sea. There are many water sport rental opportunities, including parasailing, kayaking, and inflatables that allows for an afternoon at the beach consisting of more than lying on a beach towel.

College Tourist Granada image

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